EC-665 Tiger UHT Flight Physics


I was playing realistic ground in Pradesh and I took EC-665 Tiger UHT but I couldn’t fly past the tree I tried everything I even tried hovering with 100% up but to no avail.

Then another player spawns with the same Heli and is able to fly I thought maybe the armament made the Heli heavy so I looked into his armament and it was the same as me.

I have about 3150 hr in this game and I had many Gaijined moments but I have never been more shocked and confused than this.

Here is the video

This is him flying in the server

and yes I aced my heli a long time ago

Did this happen to anyone else?

Did you clean the intake filters?

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How do you do that?

tell me and I will bribe my crew to clean it apparently they don’t get paid enough.

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You do not really need fuel for 2hrs of flight…

Yeah, it was the fule.

I never imagined the fuel tank would impact the flight performance to that degree.

Too much fuel yes but also helis climb better when you fly forward, the “arms” are shaped like wings for a reason
That being said the UHT is way too sluggish when carrying 8 PARS 3. No way it’s that bad IRL

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