Easy Anti Cheat vs DLSS tweaks (forced DLAA)

Will DLSS tweaks trigger Easy Anti Cheat? If yes then will it ban me or not let me launch the game?

To use it you need to paste some files into the game directory. Given that you can’t even change game’s process priority because of Easy Anti Cheat I wouldn’t be surprised if it would ban me for this.

No, it will not ban you, only tell you to remove it so you can launch the game. You can use launcher to disable easy anti cheat and copy paste DLSS tweaks files into game directory but do that after opening launcher, so your files don’t get deleted by launcher. I tried it and it’s looks like shit. My eyes truly hurt and I felt pain after I witnessed DLAA in this game. You can use DL-DSR x2.25 alongside balanced DLSS to get a better quality while still getting a decent fps.

Well that defeats the purpose, since i don’t play arcade, but i’m still curious to see what it looks like.

I’m already using dsr x2.25 (from 1440p to 4k) with dlss performance and it looks very good, but my 3050 can’t cope with uhq textures at 4k. Dsr and not dldsr, because then dlss and dldsr use the same limited amount of tensor cores and i get very annoying mini micro stutters.

I was hoping dlaa would solve this, because normal taa is grainy and dlss quality at 1440p is blurry when moving the camera and looking far away in tank battles.

My gpu is rtx 3060 and my native resolution is 1080p which at x2.25, It’s 2880*1620. Also, I deleted all uhq texture packs because I didn’t notice any difference. So, my advice can be useless to you because you are running a bit weaker gpu at higher resolution than me.

I need to correct myself, my gpu can’t cope with 4k overall, but mostly with ground quality. At 4k things use a lot of memory bus and my gpu can deliver frames, but with very bad 1% low fps at times. You can clearly see jumping between frames at 80-90 average fps. Right now I play at maximum preset, with shadows quality, effects quality and grass range set to max and ground quality set to half. At 4k with dlss performance i get 80-100 fps.

UHQ textures don’t make that much difference in terms of fps. I use them because there is a massive visual difference for planes. For tanks it’s almost not visible, but I still use UHQ textures for tanks because why not.

Unfortunately this entire thread is pointless, because DLSS tweaks doesn’t work with War Thunder, even with an override. Unless I’m doing something wrong, I was following this video.

I’m hoping gaijin add dlaa to game later. Developer’s implantation is always better than mods.


I tried last version of DLSS tweaks and managed to force DLAA in game. here fps result:
DLSS Quality:


And here my DLSS tweaks settings:

Only last section (NVGlobalProfileSetting) needs to be changed. There is no need to place any file in game directory so easy anti cheat doesn’t care.
Sadly game doesn’t look good to my eyes as much as DL-DSR x2.25 with DLSS balanced but still better than FXAA or TAA:

In last screenshot you can see in left bottom corner that DLAA is enabled. Also, with this method i couldn’t force enable autoexposure.

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Thank you so much for the info. Right now i’m using rx6800 that was gifted to me, but i’m sure others will appreciate it. When i upgrade my gpu some day, i will keep this in mind.