Eastern Europe [Domination]

Place a spawn on the other side of the river. I don’t know why this is such a complicated thing for the developers. Map design has been a field in gaming for years now. Are you hiring?

That map has been wrecked. The changes are awful. It’s beyond redemption now.

The changes to the map were needed and provide cover for flankers to get in to position rather than being spawn killed. The issue is this variation of the map and is an issue with any single spawn map.

This is a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Removing all high points and any long-range engagements across the entire map is NOT the solution to a specific problem that existed at a few locations.

The changes made did not consider all modes of this map. When all capture points are in the town the “tunnels” allow approach to spawn camp while remaining almost completely in cover.

They transformed a map with a dual-purpose of open AND close-quarter gameplay into a purely close-quarter map. This alienates half the players.

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The rework to European Province didn’t do this at all. All it did was add some cover between the other edges to allow flankers the ability to move towards the capture points without getting spawn camped.

Look at the other thread. I literally have JPEGs disproving what you’re saying.