East German Subtree (Maybe an Israel-type Tech Tree as well)

Pretty much, I was thinking to add to Germany a T-55, T-54, or a T-62 even, maybe a BMP-2 as a sub tree for Germany since it would help improve some of the gaps we find in the tree and would allow more playstyles to be used. It could also be added as an Israel type tech tree. You could be Rank 5 or Rank 6 in Germany ground to access the East German ground tree. This is just a suggestion but I would love to see more East German ground vehicles in the game.


East German vehicles are already part of Germany…

I understand, I would love to see more East German ground vehicles. However, a sub tree could be slightly cooler to me at least since it’s like the Hungarian tree in Italy.

Since it’s the same country, it wouldn’t really be a subtree. But I definitely agree on the vehicles being added, and it would make sense for at least the MBTs to all be in the same line. Perhaps after the tank destroyer line, with the few vehicles there folded into the light tank line. Or just a 6th line, the literal only reason Gaijin doesn’t do that is because the thumbnails for the vehicles would be too small lol.

I would personaly love having more DDR vehicles to play since they would provide more fun. ctrl c+ctrl v would probably exsist but adding something like BMP2 would be very intersting

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Adding to what I just said, MatAWG created a video 6 hours ago on this topic and I recommend you check his video out.