Easier ground grind

Hey everyone

i was wondering when are we getting an improved ground grind experience?
its getting out of hand and i dont really enjoy it anymore, if i use a spaded plane and make 4 kills i’ll get 7000rp if i do that in ground rb i’ll get 1500rp its so slow

I can only get on for a couple of games per week now, I’ve got a family to look after and spend time with. That being said, the low playing time makes me think buying anymore premium vehicles is a waste of money. Gaijin have improved the economy but barely improved researching vehicles.

I got burnt out midway through last year when I had time to play and now I’m definitely not buying any more premium stuff just to see me push out a measly 10k RP across the 3 games I can squeeze in per week. I went from researching tanks all the time to now taking months to progress once through the tree.

I love War Thunder but if the grind continues or even gets worse (like the new pathetic event system) then I’ll probably just stop playing altogether.

It’s way easier to get 4 kills in tanks then planes and people can respawn so people have potential for more kills, assists, spade multiple vehicles at the same time etc. With experience the grind to top tiers are pretty quick if you spade all your vehicles as you go

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