Earnable Camos

Why can we not have earnable camos for the P51s in the US tech tree? Other fighters of the same era including 190s, 109s, Yak 3 and 9s, Spitfires, and some zeros have earnable camo schemes. There are so many unique schemes for the p51s why do we have to gamble for a few in crates?


Because the gambling crates are filled with skins made my players on War Thunder Live. The earnable camos Gaijin has to make and they don’t see it as worth their time and money compared to other endeavours such as making new vehicles and their skins.

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But even the p40E-1, a p47, and p38s have earnable camos why didnt they put some in with the mustang when they added them for the other planes?

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Because those camoflages for the P-40E, P-47, and P-38s were added when those planes were added. Nowdays, Gaijin doesn’t focus as much on WWII and so they see it as less worth their time.

I’m not defending it, I want more of these camouflages, I’m just explaining Gaijin’s reasoning.



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Which is a damn shame.


It really is sad. I want more stuff like the Bf 109 C-1. If we’re gonna get copy-paste anyway, give us stuff like the Bf 109 C-1.

Still waiting for Thunderbolt VII here.

Maybe one day.


been here since 1.47 and i’m still waiting for my bomber Mosquito.

also sad the new 109 isn’t the 109T, I was really hoping for some alt history Sea Lion

Maybe one day.

because gambling is a good game mechanic, not making the game more addictive, and definitely not close to being 18+ with the only excuse being made, that an in-game currency is used that can be regulary optained, and not only some derivative of real money.
I rather spend the 200 GE directly, as opposed to spend millions of SL to get the one camo I want.

When did I ever say it was a good mechanic? I don’t think it is. I think it’s a terrible mechanic.

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