Early WWII french tank camouflages aren't really good

Regarding french tank camouflages in War Thunder… what the hell is this?

Early WWII french tanks were literal pieces of art, having a wild variety of camouflages on every armored vehicle, and yet Gaijin decided to add 1 bicolor camouflage plus other 3 that you’ve got to pay for.

The most “french” out of all 4 is pretty much the tricolor one, but God damn, have you seen what S.35s, R.35s or H.35s looked like? Let me give you a few examples below.






These are just a few camouflage schemes that could definitely be added to the game, but I guess the customization system is pretty much abandoned, which is a shame.


there are a bunch of WT live skins for those

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I’m well aware of that, but it’s a shame that players have to fix what Gaijin doesn’t want to offer, and the fact that WT Live skins aren’t visible to players is a problem.


This also happens for other countries other than the USSR, USA or Germany, and is called “Gaijin does not want to work without receiving money.”


Gaijin miss a trick with many camos especially as new players buy them.I think having an interesting camo is why some people buy a duplicate premium sometimes even if it’s in the form of a chest prize.I am surprised there is not more tank Ace camos like Whitmann’s 007 or 522 or just interesting camo variants for those who dont or can’t download them.

It is odd how they turn some elements of the game into a PtW market while ignoring opportunities elsewhere.

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They are TIer I and how often are players playing them. Of course for newbies and for medals. Also in real life, they only fought with those tanks for one month in Battle of France. I do admire those camouflage.

I love low tier, it’s a lot more fun than Top tier

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Low tier is a different game and I forgot how much fun it was. I have to say the B1 in the down tier is a riot. Just drive it into the Capture zone and watch the hilarity unfold.

I love to take the B1s and the Char 2s out together

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Same with japan. Even so japan used 3color or 4color jungle cammos on moust of its tanks in south east asia you cant even get it for free. Best you can get via playing is bi color winter camo that was barely used or two ugly single colors. While allies like british and americans get like 4 tri or more color camoflages just by playing even so 95% of their tanks irl used single green color because since invasion of normandy they were on offense and did not need to hide as they had air superiority.


Carp camos for carp tanks.

Carp camo? Fish camo? Are you trying to say crap? XD

Let’s try to keep the conversation serious please, the fact that WWII french tanks were garbage (except for a few models) is well known, but there’s no need to bring it up when we’re talking about camouflages.