Early game arty lottery on certain maps. - Should artillery even be ready from the start?

I’m sure that you have witnessed this, but somehow its just accepted as part of the gameplay.

On certain domination maps with a “friendly”, “middle” and “enemy” cap zone row, both teams start the game by rushing their own zone while nuking the opposite cap with arty.

This leads to rather random dice what could even remove unlucky light players from the match.
Many of you have probably honed your timing for maximum impact, but personally i think it’s ill toned kill to score that way.

Easy alternative would be making the arty reload clock run from the start instead of it being ready in advance. This, on the other hand, would lead to a wave of arty when it gets available on multiple players at the same time.

Any thoughts if there should be room for a change here?

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As someone who heavily enjoys light vehicles, I am completely fine with this. Its the risk we run moving into cap zones. They shouldnt imo be an auto points zone even right at the beginning.

Its especially funi when you manage to knock out a light player who rushed the cap and wasnt going to wait for allies.

Personally I think its fine as is, isnt broken, doesnt need a fix.


It is an RNG mechanic that doesnt really serve any purpose other than marking people with the splash damage and getting a random kill once every 100 uses. I get teamkilled by friendly artillery more than i see enemies getting killed by it. An easy solution would be to swap it out for Smoke artillery, so you can call for a smoke barrage to a certain location, either to cover an enemy power position, or to facilitate your own team’s movement about the map. They can then adjust how long the cooldown is to stop it being spammed.

Or accidently killing a plane, enemy or ally.

Honestly the arty mechanic is pretty stupid. It’s just the goofiest thing to die to or get kills with. Everytime I die to it I go “bruh”, and kills with it is just “oh ok”.