Eagle day single mission is IMMPOSSIBLE

i tried the eagle day single mission and the last part, to intercept 27 He 111 bombers, is immpossible.
the he 111 gunners just shred you into pieces in seconds and when you respawn you end up way too behind to do anything
if possible can we have less he 111s in this single mission.

you’re not supposed to actually play the single missions

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I used to think that, until I know it’s impossible. I got to the last part aaaand the bombers flew out of the map and started circling, every time I got close it would move me towards the center of the map.


A lot of the old single player missions are now impossible or extremely hard to win because of changes to the game and AAA and gunner variables. Try to last more than 30 seconds in “Ruhr Factories”.

exactly. we need updates on the singleplayer missions.
we also need ground, helicopter and naval singleplayer missions.

That an’t gonna happen. Its not where Gaijin makes any money. Most of them are old scenarios from “Birds of Steel”. I’m surprised they are still in the game.

Waste of time

Technically the entire game is.

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