E-100 shoots a 88mm shell?

I don’t have the E-100 but I was looking through modifications and it has a 88mm shell?

This is more of a historical question than anything but did the germans turn a APCBC shell into a sabot?


Kinda yes, same with the Maus, both use Sub caliber ammo for the 12,8cm


Cool! I never saw that before.

Yeah, germany had quite a few discarding sabot APHE rounds.


Look at this chart. See on the left how some shells have two calibers listed? Those are like what the E-100 and Maus fire.


Here is the diagram for the 15/12.8cm one that would be used on the Hummel artillery.

edit: that’s the 10.5cm one I just don’t appear to be able to read today

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Not that above it the 10,5 / 7,5 used by the LeFH 18 (and StuH 42) a 105 / 88 also existed.

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I really should organize the stuff I have saved better.