Dying to flak through terrain isn't fun

I don’t like video games which break physics


After pulling out of a 3v1 with 2 kills dying to flak through terrain not fun not fun not fun not fun not fun not fun


Finally a vammilad post that isn’t deranged cope!
AF AAA is way overtuned as is, is way to easy to abuse and camp.
Gaijin should really nerf it (though not as bad as it was during the period it was bugged)


It should be changed to be actual rounds, and not hitscan flak, similar to how high tier has actual missiles. Make it dangerous to approach the AF, but also make it possible to dodge the AA.


Yeah… Once in a blue moon he does make a reasonably good point.

Its not just AF AA. Anyone who has played Sim knows the convoy AA is just as bad, been sniped through mountains and trees more than a few times… What we need is an overhaul of AI AA. Make it more realistic, so its not aimbot accurate.

I do think AF AAs need to be effective. You should be able to RTB with a relative degree of safety. But you also shouldnt be able to hide there. Maybe have AA around the AF get worse the longer the game goes on, or AA to be disabled if someone remains near the AF too long. Plenty of ways to find a middle ground


I think having the AA only activate while a player is landed on the AF would be a good and easy thing to implement. It prevents AF camping, while also giving protection to planes that need it.


Perhaps with a small grace period after taking-off as well. like 1 to 2 minutes. Yeah that could work.

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Limit its ammo, make its accuracy worse.
It would be really nice for the AA guns to have limited ammo, making your protective bubble less effective over time, as well as lower accuracy so you cant just hover around your base with laser cannons guarding you. Less damage would also be cool, i really hate when 1-2 shots hit you and your whole plane is yellow/orange with coolant leaks

AI AA absolutely needs to become proper shells and not a generic damage zone, regardless of any potential balance adjustments made to it. Easily one of the silliest and most dated mechanics in the game.

I think airfield AA strength should maybe scale non-linearly with team size.

At game start, where everyone is alive - getting near enemy airfield is guaranteed death.

Mid-game (less than 8 planes left, still deadly but possible to chase down a limping enemy but not after they managed to land.

End-game (2-3 planes left at most) - AA should only have enough effective range to cover the airstrip and like, 500 meters around it in a sphere. Therefore, people spiral climbing about the airfield should be able to be picked off.

its even worse in heli pve. literal m42 sniping you from 5km away while moving and unstablized

Same ai. At top tier asb it’s a SIDAM 25 sniping you whilst do mach 1.1 at 50 ft the millisecond you get too close