Dutch Ram 2D (Early) (QF 75), the forgotten user of the Ram cruiser tanks

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Hello everyone, today I would like to talk about the Dutch Ram 2D (Early) tanks!

And yes, the Dutch did indeed operate Ram tanks!

Two Dutch Ram 2D (Early) tanks driving through a forrest during a training exercise

A quick word before we continue,

As you might have seen in the title, I am saying Ram 2D. So what is this all about?

Well not everyone is really aware of this, but the Ram 2 went through multible hull changes, each one being just slightly different from the other, that is how the 2A, B, C and D were born. And as for the 2D, there is a futher change in the front machine gun mount.


Also another thing. What does the (Early) mean for the Ram 2D?

Well that is very simple really. The Ram 2D’s are split into two variants. The Early and Late. The Early variant has a Machine Gun Turret at the front of the tank. While the Late has an Machine Gun Ball mount mounted into a thick cast front.
That’s it really, one has a Machine Gun turret, the other has a Ball mount.

So with that cleared up, let’s continue!

History of the Dutch Ram 2D’s (Early)


The history of the Dutch Ram 2D’s (Early) starts before the Dutch were even freed of the Germans during WW2. The story begins during 1944, where a decend number of Ram 2’s were refitted with the British QF 75mm gun. The turret of the Ram 2 was roomy enough to fit the 75mm gun, instead of the default 57mm gun.

It is now that we jump to after the war, and the Netherlands was liberated by the allies and was in need of new tanks to help it’s army rebuild. The Dutch had pulled a bunch of leftover Shermans and other tracked vehicles from scrapyards in the Netherlands. But while the Shermans were the real tank force of the Dutch army, they still needed more tanks that could be used for training purposes. Since they would just be used for training it was best if these were cheap leftover tanks.

Since the Sherman was the best tank Dutch had around this time, these were not really reserved for the training purposes.

It was in 1946 that the Dutch bought a total of 44 Ram tanks of the British.

2 were Ram 1 ARV tanks, 2 more Ram 2D Command Tanks (Which had a dummy gun) and the other 40 were Ram 2D tanks fitted with the QF 75mm gun.

My best speculation for the Dutch choosing these 75mm armed onces specifically is because the QF 75 mm gun would be much better for training since the Dutch Shermans all had 75mm guns too. Thus letting the crew get used to a tank gun of this caliber.

And on top of that, the same ammunition can most likely be used for the 75mm Sherman guns and the QF 75mm guns.

But it did not end there. Canada also had some Tank dumps in the Netherlands. The Canadian government gave the Netherlands permission to take possession of all the Ram tanks left in those dumps. Now a lot of them were in a very sorry state, but in the end it brought the number of operational vehicles to 73! And what was rest of the others most likely served as spare parts.

It is not known just how many Ram 2D’s (Early) the Dutch had. Since the distinction between the Early and Late variant of the Ram 2D was not made by the Dutch government.
But looking at photos of the tanks it does seem that the majority of the Ram 2D fleet were of the Early variant.

It were these Ram tanks that the Dutch tank crews used for training exercises. Maybe not the most exciting use for a tank, but still a very important one nonetheless. Especially for the Dutch who needed it’s army rebuild quickly and up to speed with it’s new equipment.

A rare photo of a Dutch Ram 1 ARV. Don’t let the turret confuse you, the gun is a dummy gun and the turret could no longer turn. On the back of the tank you can see the ARV equipment.
-This photo is taken from the “Wiel en rups, Landmachtvoertuigen 1945-2015” book from Sander Ruys

A Dutch Ram 2D Command Tank, which can clearly be seen with a completely welded shut front and dummy gun

A Dutch Ram 2D (Early) driving around in a sand dune most likely somewhere in the Veluwe

The Ram 2D’s continued to be used by the Dutch untill 1951. It is during 1951 when the tanks were taken out of service, and scrapped or kept as museum pieces. By now more modern tanks were either in service, or where on their way (Like the Centurion tanks)

A single Dutch Ram 2D Command Tank remains in the Cavaleriemuseum in Amersfoort.




I would love to see these Dutch Ram 2’s in a future Dutch or BeNeLux techtree:

Canadian or British Ram tanks could be added to the British techtree as either Techtree of Premium vehicles. And while the QF 75mm armed onces are also cool to add, it would be much more unique to keep these for a Dutch or BeNeLux techtree.

It could really make the Dutch Ram 2D’s very unqiue, and make it a good reason for people to play these instead of the normal Ram 2’s.



A Dutch Ram 2D manual, it details the fluids present on the vehicle

Dimensions: 5.80 x 3 x 2.67 m (19 x 9.10 x 8.9 ft)
Total weight: ~29,48 Tons
Crew: 5 (Commander, Driver, Machine gunner, Gunner, Loader)
Propulsion: Continental R-975 9-cyl radial Gasoline 400 hp
Maximum speed: 40 km/h (25 mph)
Transmission: Borg-Warner clutch, controlled differential
Suspension: Vertical Volute Springs (VVSS)

Primary armament: Ordnance QF 75 mm
Secondairy armament: 2 x .303 cal. browning machine guns (One machine gun in the turret, coaxial with the main gun. And one in a hull mounted MG Turret.)

Turret front: 50.8 mm (2 inches)
Hull front: 44.45 - 88.9 mm (1,75 - 3,5 inches)
Sides: 38.1 - 63.5 mm (1.5 - 2.5 inches)
Top: 38.1 - 72.2 mm (1.5 - 3 inches)

A data sheet for the Ram 2D Command Tank. It being the Command Tank means that it’s turret armaments is not there, but all other data is accurate.

A group of Dutch Ram 2D’s on a training exercise

Make sure to check out my post about the Dutch Ram 2D (Late)!

Extra photos







Primary source, history and photos:

Historical photos source:

Secondairy sources:


+1 for Benelux tree!

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Hopefully we get one for britain now and then it moves over to benelux when they are added (similar to Strv-81 rb52 from britain->sweden or magach era from usa-israel)


Maybe Britain can get the late model one, with an improved armour layout and no MG turret.