Dusting off an old event idea

I thought given the recent changes with Gaijin’s attitude recently that I’d give it another shot to see if this idea could actually get some traction.

What I’m suggesting is, Korean War Air RB Enduring Confrontation. By the time we got enough of the assets to make this work, it was very clear Gaijin was not going to be hosting many more RB EC events anymore due to how effectively you could grind in them. I remember getting 2 more low tier 1.0-3.7 German vs Russian events and then we’ve never seen it again.

If they really are focusing on the game a little bit more lately then I think it would be quite popular.

Allied Nations could get: F-84s, F-80s, F-86s, B-29s, P-51s, Sea Furys, Meteors ect

and Warsaw Pact could get: La-9s, La-11s, Mig-15s, Tu-2s, Mig-9s ect

Hell I thought of this well before the days of missiles and Mach 1 jets, we could even do a Vietnam Era EC event (even have the map again) but I feel that one might be pushing it when it comes to RP gain.

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