Dual belt feed autocannons are not actually dual belt

Currently most autocannons in-game (2A42, Bushmaster, etc) that has dual belt feed does not work as they are supposed to. The so called ‘dual belt feed’ in game is actually switching between different ammunitions without having to wait for the same ammo to reload (you can switch between 3-4 different types of rounds, I don’t think that’s how it works IRL).
Personally I think players should have the option to:

  1. select the rounds for both individual belts (like how certain tanks with multiple cannons can select what rounds to bring for each cannon).
  2. This would also mean players can have two belts loaded with the same type of ammunition (like two belts of apfsds).
  3. The player should also be able to reload the emptied belt when not engaging an enemy.
    Of course, this means that there needs to be a rework of the ammo selection page but it would allow all autocannon vehicles to a more continues fire power.

So, what do you guys think?

  • Yes, I want actual Dual-feed
  • No, the current in-game version is fine
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They’ve mentioned before that they want to rework the autocannons for a better dual feed system.

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