Drop Tanks for the F-104 series

The F-104 is a loved and hated aircraft here in War Thunder, and many of us players love its performance as an interceptor. However, those of us who enjoy the F-104 and want to take that enjoyment to SIM battles, or maximize maneuverability while maintaining enough fuel for the afterburner would really appreciate drop tanks for these aircraft.

My Japanese F-104J has a max of 34 minutes of fuel, and in sim battles, the afterburner chews through the fuel like no other. I want to be able to equip some drop tanks to maximize its range and maintain that speed! Let’s open this to discussion!

I don’t have many sources on how much it could vary and on what pylons, but know it could have a big fuel tank on either the outer wing pylons, the center pylon under the fuselage, or on the wingtips.




This would honestly help a lot as an avid F104 player in sim drop takes would make the experience much better and also make the aircraft more attractive.

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EC maps are annoying without drop tanks on the 104, add them please, its not an insanely complex thing to add.

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The lack of wing drop tanks on the Phantom too, although i appreciate this isnt the right thread, is also getting quite annoying. Having to lose the gun or have short legs on burner isn’t a nice choice to be forced to make.

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