Drop Bomb Series Bug - Still cant get it to work

can someone help me with the bomb series? I cant drop them cause of the “Active Weapon Select Mode”
yes! ive followed many steps to fix it, still cant do it. I have screenshots that it still does not work for me. is there something I am missing?

Best post us how you have assigned the corresponding commands, and a step by step description of what you do…

I had the same problem. I play on xbox and use a HOTAS. I solved it by setting up key binds for primary and secondary weapon selection and secondary weapon ripple quantity. The drop bomb series is not used.

Also make key binds for firing secondary weapon and primary weapon. This will then drop your bombs or fire rockets when pressed.

I then select the secondary weapon before takeoff, and the ripple quantity for the bombs. Only choices available are 1/2/4/8/…16/S. The S selection - means it will drop/launch all one by one, sequentially, as long as you keep the button pressed. If you have a lot of bombs it will drop the bombs in a row along you flight path. This is good for convoys or bombing an area. If you dive steeply it will spread only a little, but if you fly horizontally it it will make a line of explosions.

You could select it also on the inbound to the bomb target, I usually forget to do that in the heat of the moment, therefore I set it before takeoff. You can change the ripple qty on the fly if the target changes before you get to it.

For bases and ships I usually go for 4 or 8 depending on size of bombs and other ground targets like tanks I use 1 or 2 if small bombs.

This setup works for propeller aircraft and jets, even with CCIP and CCRP.

Happy bombing.

When in secondary weapon S is chosen, it’s the drop series command.

Some kind stranger helped me with this last month during Afghanistan operation.
Setup a keybind for ripple quantity munition release. Say you have 8 bombs for example and you want to drop 4 at a time. You press the keybind and it will cycle 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / S and repeat. Then all you do is press spacebar to release that amount of bombs you selected.

I personally prefer this option now to the drop series bombs which you are only able to customize before you take off. If someone bombs 3/4 of the base before me, I can now change release quantity mid flight from 8x 750lb to just 2x 750lb and save bombs for another base. Works with rockets as well.

Ripple quantity no longer functions for me. it only ever drops 1 bomb at a time, regardless of what I set it to. Ripple 2 drops one bomb, ripple 4 drops one bomb… This is very annoying and makes CCRP bombing totally worthless. Nothing has changed in my control scheme, all buttons are still properly mapped and do what they always did, the commands just no longer register with the game, even though it shows on the screen that I gave a certain command. I can cycle my secondary weapons, I just can’t launch anything more than one at a time.

Press alt+f4 to drop all your bombs in one go