Drones were the worst addition to the game

Already in 10.7 you will find attack drones again, these vehicles are only used to commit revenge killing in a very cowardly way, as the guy doesn’t even need to care about the vehicle’s survival, an attack drone is literally a suicidal vehicle that can easily get 2 kills, I don’t know how difficult it is to simply put it on 11.0 permanently, almost no one likes these drones, the vehicle requires absolutely no skill, it’s just a way of killing whoever killed you without having to move more than 2 fingers… …


They are super easy to shoot down. At that br, any spaa should be easily able to take it down before it can hit anything.

You say that, yet I can never seem to get a radar lock on them.


Odd. I never have issues radar locking them. Even then, they shouldnt be a very hard target to hit with missiles.