Drones as researchable vehicles

Why doesn’t gaijin add the already existing strike drones to the aerial tech tree of their respective nations?
They could have reconnaissance functions, just like irl, so that they are not just stuck with the role of destroying tanks 15 km away, in addition to earning a high-level reward, air-to-air missiles, as has also happened in irl. I really like the idea of ​​these technological and modern things in the game (although the MQ-1 and the other strike drones are not that modern), and if we already have them functional in realistic battles, why not add them as researchable vehicles in high tier ?
I don’t like air battles, but this would be an addition that would definitely make me grind the entire US aerial tech tree

gaijin read this please

Drones would just become half-forgotten like helicopters. They cant make them unlockable in the Air tree because you wouldnt exactly do well in a small prop drone at 11.0, adding a separate techtree for a few drones isnt worth the Snails time either. Why bother any farther than simply making them usable for everyone past a certain BR?


To add a new function to air battles, since high-level air battles involve locking and firing missiles one after another and then returning to base to repeat the process. Why not diversify and add a more tactical and “supportive” way of playing? The high altitudes at which they operate would make them safe against enemy missiles and jets so that they could pass on extra information about the enemies in some way, such as offering an instant radar lock on one of the jets to their allies, obviously gaining silver lions and research points for I know this doesn’t make any logical sense but it’s just an example of how they could help , Furthermore, they could do the same thing in some way in realistic ground battles, so that they don’t just have the function of getting two kills (if they are not destroyed by a pantsir before locking on a target) and returning to base. However, if they wanted to kill jets or ground targets with AGM/AAM they would have to expose themselves more due to the weapon’s range, leaving them as a more accessible target for other jets. Unfortunately, I agree that they would be somewhat forgotten since the War Thunder audience prefers a more arcade and less simulation/tactical game.

“Would make them safe against enemy missiles”
Literally any other radar missile.
All of these would kill the drone first, they`d be deadweight in any Air RB game, unless they make their own gamemode, even then, a waste of time, for a class of aircraft basically noone would use

To be fair, this suggestion is a lot healthier than the Predator Drone mechanic we currently have.