Dreams Come True — TOG II: The Old Gang’s Land Battleship

The TOG II is a British experimental superheavy tank developed at the start of WWII in anticipation of a repeat of battlefield conditions as witnessed during WWI, however never saw production or service. This iconic British ironclad will undergo its trial by fire as it arrives to War Thunder as part of the game’s 11th Anniversary in the “Dreams Come True” event!

TOG II: A Premium Heavy Tank for Great Britain at Rank III


  • 94 mm gun!
  • Premium bonuses!
  • Poor mobility.
  • Large silhouette.

Vehicle History

At the beginning of WWII, the most well-known British tank designers of WWI were assembled into a special task force called the “Special Vehicle Development Committee”. Their objective was to develop a modern successor to the landship designs of WWI as British leaders feared a repeat of the difficult battle conditions faced during the previous war in the coming one. They gave themself the nickname of “The Old Gang”, and the first vehicle the engineering task force developed became known as the TOG I and represented a continuation of the landship design. Despite its impressive armor and firepower however, its design was deemed too dated and mechanical issues further emphasized the need to revise the design.

The successor design, the TOG II, featured contemporary lowered tracks and more reliable electric generators. Ordered in 1940, the TOG II prototype had already been built by early 1941. The TOG II was tested with a number of different weapon layouts and also received a torsion bar suspension system during testing as the lack of one previously caused breakdowns. The TOG II’s final design had a 94 mm gun in a modified A.30 Challenger turret.

At this stage, it was becoming clear that the TOG II wasn’t going to enter production due to its not only dated and overly complex design, but also as the Churchill tank had already been in mass production for several years and had possessed a proven combat record. After the project was canceled, the only built TOG II was placed in storage and was later put on display at The Tank Museum in Bovington where it continues to fascinate tank enthusiasts to this day!

Meet the TOG II!

The anticipated TOG II will soon be joining rank III of the British ground forces tree as a new premium vehicle as part of the game’s “Dreams Come True” 11th anniversary event. A real old school heavy tank — let’s take a look and dive into the details of this awesome tank!

Developer’s note: “In War Thunder, the TOG II will have two variations to choose from in the form of a modification module: one will be its built prototype form that you may be familiar with that includes its 94 mm gun, and the other will be one of its intended final forms. Its intended final form includes added machine gun sponsons to the side, as well as hatches and a small cannon at the front that can fire smoke shells. We wanted to include its intended final form in some way in order to provide further exciting gameplay opportunities with this tank, as they ultimately enhance its abilities in battle.

The first thing that will undoubtedly strike you when seeing the TOG II for the first time is its gargantuan proportions. It's long and probably big enough to hold a party in, but this was a deliberate design choice to use over trenches, which never came about. When it comes to the TOG’s primary armament, it’ll be a strong force to be reckoned with as it’s the powerful 94 mm gun! This gun possesses good rounds and ballistic properties, which means the TOG II will be able to effectively engage most opponents it will meet in battle.

Download Wallpaper:

Interesting: The name “TOG” is actually an acronym of “The Old Gang” which represents the tank designers who developed not only the TOG but also the first tanks of WWI.

The TOG II’s armor is decent for its rank, however is not the best overall, due to its mostly flat armor layout which is a weakness. The performance of the TOG’s diesel generator which supplies power to two electric motors can hardly be called impressive or even decent. Having said this, the TOG II will be more of a fun tank to play around in with your friends due to its meme-like nature. Practically speaking though, the TOG II certainly won’t be a suitable vehicle to lead charges with. Instead, it’ll be better suited to fortify and defend strategic locations from advancing enemies.

In your matches: Pro-tips when using the TOG II by Tom (Oxy), WT Community Manager (TL): “Keep yourself by cover and avoid sitting out in the open — It's a huge target, especially for aircraft (for real, it has more internal space than my apartment). All-in-all though, it’s not a vehicle to take too seriously, it has huge advantages along with huge disadvantages, and you’ll have the most fun with it if you approach it with that mindset!

The legendary TOG II, which we’ve seen your excitement for after last week’s announcement, has finally arrived to War Thunder as part of the game’s on-going “Dreams Come True” 11th anniversary event. Participate and complete 6 stages in this event, and the TOG II will be forever yours!

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*Quote taken from the official news on the website

So this is a “paper” modification that never existed? It’s clear…


Can you add a fog horn to it?

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Cant wait xd

Smh, don’t you know ships only need to be “laid down” to be added to Warthunder? And this is a land battleship

It’s just funny, we take one “paper” technique out of the game, and on the contrary, we introduce another, but with “paper” modifications that in real life existed in the minds of the constructors. The company’s logic is interesting


Its a land battleship and it gets the naval treatment, i see no issue.

It is a nice flavor addative to the Tog

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The fleet has its own laws than for ground equipment, in terms of the “paper” sphere



Can I propose it receiving the scout modification since I’m pretty sure light tanks at this BR will survive more shots than this


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Not the one prototype, we have in the game now, this never happened


very slow, inaccurate armor (as far as everyone tells, should be 114mm front and 76 sides), gun sucks, too high br, especially for it’s current stats (too lightly armored, too slow, not enough firepower (94mm is a pain on the ram, and it’s the same gun here).

Well, hard to know if armor is inaccurate given that people were quite certain it had a 17 pounder and not a 28 pounder for quite some time.

So unless someone brings a ultrasonic gauge to the museum to check its hard to know.

The speed depending on how its measured might be wrong, as some mention a theoretical max speed of 24 kph (tho only 14 was ever measured)

for the 28pdr, it was because of the muzzlebreak, people didn’t search any further and assumed it was a 17pdr, completely different from the armor that can easily be measured and even guessed from the real thing.

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Has anyone actually gone and measured using a ultrasonic gauge?

Like the gun is actually simpler to check, just bring a tape measure. Armor thickness can be disguised unless you have a very clear weld line to look at.

So i don’t understand how one can just easily say armor is “x” when its allready shown we were way off on a different obvious aspect to the tank

do you really think they would use variable thickness on rha? Of course we still need to see the thickness of the plate, but it’s not going to be variable in thickness.


I do not know why you brought up variable thickness armor.

The fact is that unless someone actually went and measured, idk how one can certain say one way or the other.


It has more pen than the Panther’s 75 mm, specially as distance increases. In fact it will go through a Panther’s UFP.

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Does anyone have any actual sources for the armor values? I’ve looked and can’t find any sources that state it had 114mm front armor or 76mm, in fact not a single source specifies what the armor value’s actually are. So it seems like Gaijin and the community here are all just pulling numbers from nowhere.