Dragonfly-class River Gunboat, HMS Mosquito (T94) - "An Insect-Like Lifespan"

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Mosquito at sea before being fitted with her quad pom-pom.


HMS Mosquito was a member of the ill-fated Dragonfly-class river gunboats, five vessels meant for river patrol in the Far East. She shares a similar story to her sister, Locust, in that she was launched in Britain in 1939 and fitted out just before the evacuation of Dunkirk in May 1940. It was planned to utilize her as an auxiliary anti-aircraft vessel during the Battle of Britain, so she was given a quadruple 2-pounder pom-pom gun on her upper deck instead of the 3.7 inch howitzer mounted on her Far Eastern sisters. Upon her commissioning, she was almost immediately sent to help evacuate soldiers from Dunkirk. From May 28 to June 1, she helped evacuate troops until, on June 1, a large force of German bombers appeared and laid siege to the evacuation fleet. Mosquito took a direct hit from a Ju 87, causing severe damage and loss of life. The ship was mortally wounded and sunk that day. The lessons learned from this tragedy would be applied to Locust when she was given a much more powerful anti-aircraft armament.


Dragonfly-class River Gunboat, HMS Mosquito (T94)


  • Length: 196 ft 6 in (59.9 m)
  • Beam: 33 ft 8 in (10.3 m)
  • Draught: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

Displacement: 715 tons

Crew: 74

Propulsion: 2 x Parsons steam turbines (3,800 shp)

Max Speed: 17 kt. (20 mph, 31 km/h)


  • Primary: 2 x 1 4" QF Mk.V cannons
  • Secondary: 1 x 4 QF 2-pounder anti-aircraft cannons


While Mosquito’s service history was very brief, I believe she deserves recognition for her bravery at Dunkirk. She is a historically significant vessel that would be a welcome addition to the British coastal tree alongside her sister Locust.