Dragon box rewards bragging and general discussion thread

dont know where to share, might as well start topic on dragon boxes.

Spent like 800k SL and got this.

Whats your experience so far?

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As far as boxes go, I don’t think its worth it. I have spent at least 1 mill in SL and all I got were some boosters and maybe 25k in SL from them.

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Ye. While AMBT is nice, it was more luck than anything else.

At least now i have reason to move with my US TT grind.

Yeah that thing is worth like $280 now.

Trust me, would go for it but the coupon autoredeems.

I got fuck all. A few boosters.

I bought one, it was a wager, of course.
Also, it put coupons for 2 vehicles around it, just make sure it crushed any hope I might have had.

I guess I’ve bought about 800-1000 of these over the several campaigns of them - have received 1 Japanese gunboat that I already had!

But my SL is doing nothing just sitting there - so converting it into some boosters and backups is fine by me.


F for homie

Bought 15 boxes, got 130K lions, couple of wagers and a couple of low boosters.

Any backups? Imo the one thing beside 75%+ boosters thats worth the SL.

I think two universal backups. Oh yeah and a profile icon.

Ive got fuck all I spent like 1,200,000 and all i got were some wagers and back ups although i did get one crappy decal

Bought 100 boxes to try, and now I´m 5.4M down and a lot of wagers up…
ah, and i got a PPSh42 coupon!

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weapon decorations are always nice!

would trade for stg44 any time

Spent 600k, got a few lions back, two boosters and a decal that didn’t show up anywhere…