Downtier phantom fgr2 and fg.1 to 11.0 or 10.7

In there current state i velive that bothe the phantom FGR2 and FG1 are near unusable at there current tier and velive they should be put down a tier to compansate. The equivalent to those heys are the F4E phantom 2 used by america at 11.0 which i belive would be a good spot for the jets. Another alternative would be just moving the FG1 down and giving the FGR2 aim9L missles ans it had in real life so it can keep up with all the 4th gen fighters that have been added recently.


Yes, I’m sure those 9.7s and 10.0s will have a lot of fun fighting FGR2s. The issue isn’t that they sit on too high a BR, it’s that the 12.0s are sitting too low. They are also not the same as the F4E.

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They’re not. They’re equivalent to the F-4S and F-4J, both at 11.3 also.

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I belive the f4e phantom 2 was the closest comparison i could make with the jet since the only major diffrence would be the engines and that the f4e gets an internaly mounted gun while the FGR2 has to use a gun pod. And the FGR2 wouldn’t face 9.7 or 10.0 as jets at 10.7 and lower can’t be uptierd to the 11.0s. And yeah the main problem is that the 12.0s sit to low but i don’t think gaijin would move them up to something like 13.0 untill theres more 4th gen fighters in the game so i thought moving it down a little would be good just for the FG1 and the FGR2 should have 9ls instead of 9gs which would balance it out a bit better.

I also ment to mention that it would atleast put the FGR2 on par with a jet like the kurnass 2000 just a little worse

While the F4S is a good comparisone it gets aim7f which put it a fair norch above the FGR2. I ised the F4E since the equipment is the same since it gets the AIM7E-2 which are nearly identical to the base skyflashes which i thought made it a better comparison

The 7F and Skyflash are tradeoffs of each other.

The 7F is low thrust, long burn

and the Skyflash is high thrust, short burn.

Both are strong in their respective fields.

The F-4E doesn’t have a doppler radar like the FG1 and FGR.2. Neither does the 11.0 Kurnass.

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I will admit i didn’t know that the FGR2 had a pulse doppler radar so it staying at its BR would probably be for the better but still with it the comparison between both missles the aim7f is still much more powerful due to it not being chaffable while the skyflashes can be chaffed. I do still belive tho that the FGR2 should get 9ls but i do see how that might upset the balance of top tier

Now FGR2/FG1 and the Especially F4J(UK) Should actually have 9Ls not 9Gs. but yeah its in a really rough spot. Tornado F3 at 11.3 proves that that BR is highly compressed. Now F3 can’t move up yet, it also doesnt stand much of a chance in uptiers, but neither can the Phantoms move down that much (I think 11.0 would be fine, but wouldnt change anything) Until we get a decompression, or they add a 12.3/12.7 brackets and move things up to their rightful place. its just going to be a rough jet to fly in ARB.

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They both have similar seeker performance, and react the same to chaff.


I dunno must just be a skill issue cause whenever i get shot at by an aim7f i can’t chaff it and have to notch it while i can easly chaff skyflashes

More likely to do with the radar mode than the missile. Got a replay/clip?

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I got loads of clips of me dying im just lazy

If the aircraft is using SRC, then chaff should be highly effective. If the aircraft is using PD, then you’ll have to notch to evade.

That’s nonsense.

In any case, performance in an uptier is not a reason to have planes kill entire lobbies in downtiers. We have enough of that crap already in the game.

We also don’t have to give it 9Ls, let there be some variation between all the 11.3 Phantoms. If you feel like it needs better IR missiles, then Kurnass 2000 is your new buddy so you can sling 6 Python 3s around.

This game has always and ever been the same at top tier, you either have one of the top planes, or you’re going to struggle, there’s no way around it. The 12.0s have unlimited downtiers or equal tier until they add new planes at 12.3 and up, and the cycle continues where now suddenly the Mig29 or F16 gets to face off against yet better planes.

Some year from now, someone will ask the F16s or Mig29 to come down to 11.7 (if its even still 12.0) because can’t compete with F15, Grippen, JF17, Mitshubishi F2, F16C, F18, or whatever they add, including more modern missiles with functional IRCCM and much better radar / radar missiles which require different countermeasures that earlier gens just don’t have access to.

They are fine where they are, I just wish that they would get 9L, other than that it’s fine.


These Phantoms don’t need to be BR lowered. Just the top tier needs go up.
12.0 is too low for actual topdogs. Raise to 14.0 and decompressed everything below !

They aren’t. The only thing they have in common rn is PDV radar mode. FGR.2, FG.1 and F-4J (UK) don’t get HMS or combat flaps (only F-4S has them but still), their best missile is basically an AIM-7E-2 copy while others use AIM-7F. The only thing better in FGR.2 and FG.1 is more thrust and more modern RWR. And that’s only for Spey Phantoms while F-4J (UK) has standard engines and RWR.

In my honest opinion F-4J (UK) should be moved down to 11.0 while FGR.2 and FG.1 should receive AIM-9L to compensate for these downsides at 11.3 BR. They could also give AIM-9L only for the FGR.2 (since it was the last Phantom variant to be phased out of UK service) and move the FG.1 to 11.0 with its current loadout.

Keep in mind that 11.0 F-4E has overall better maneuverability than Spey Phantoms, combat flaps, same missiles (apart from IR but they are close enough), better RWR and internal gun.

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Wanted to post that in this thread but they already closed the comments.

Neither should be moved down, they will completely stomp.

What should actually happen is top BR be moved up to at least 13.0 and then other aircraft be moved around.