Downtier, downtier and more downtier

Hello everyone,

Another popular topic: Why can’t Gaijin design the combat missions in such a way that you:
A) you are downtier, midtier and uptier in regular rotation
B) and it’s not based on level + win ration?

How do I know that? Because I’m an IT-designer myself and have been downtier for 10 fights in a row. This makes the game really fun … NOT !!! You want a screenshot? No problem … have everything documented, but gaijin doesn’t care. Instead they are bringing more and more vehicles into the game.

If you open a ticket, it is closed directly with the note that it is not a bug. Right in principle ??? But Gaijin doesn’t do anything else about it.

What are your experiences???

Probably because it would be objectively worse for matchmaking. There are struggles in certain areas to make games because of BR popularity, amount of players online with country preferences at their peak times, and including those less popular BRs in with the more popular ones without increasing the +/- 1 spread. The matchmaker may put you in more uptiers than downtiers depending on the brackets you play, but only 4 players on each team will have vehicles at the max BR. It isn’t like you face 16 7.7s in an uptier from 6.7. The matchmaker isn’t based on level or win ratio either.

the only way to beat downtiers is to reach the highest BR.
every 5.7 match is a full 1 br uptier
every 6.7 match is a full 1 br uptier

That is not at all true. Otherwise when I play 7.7, which is the primary ground BR I play for 5 different nations would be almost always a downtier. That is notbat all the case. And if 5.7 is always an uptier, that means 6.7 would have to have downtiers to 5.7.