Dornier Do17Ka-3

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Description: The Do17 was a German twin-engine all-metal bomber of the thirties. It made its first flight in 1934, and it was mostly used during the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War. It was mainly used by the German Air Force and the Yugoslav Air Force. The second biggest user, Yugoslavia, used a unique version, the Do17K, which was basically a Do17E but was powered by the French Gnome-Rhône Mistral Major engines and the Belgian FN 7.9 mm machineguns. This version was produced in 3 batches. The first one was denominated A-1, and it consisted of 20 units produced by Dornier and delivered to Yugoslavia in late 1937. The second and last batch, denominated a-2 and a-3, were produced in part by Dornier and in part by Jougoslavian industries from 1939 to 1941. In 1941, a total of 73 units of this version were in service with the Royal Yugoslav Air Force, but most of them, around 45, were destroyed on the ground in their airfields by the German bombers. 11 other units were captured by Germany and passed to the other allies, such as Bulgaria, Romania, and Finland. Only seven were able to escape in the first place, but they were later reduced to only two units by the Italian fighters. They later joined the allies in Egypt. But two other Do17Ks were able to survive (the subjects of this suggestion) and were captured by the Italian troops. One of the two aircraft was moved to the Italian test center in Pratica di Mare after being captured in 1941. It conducted years of tests and evaluations for the Regia Aereonautca. Those tests continued until September 8, 1943, when the Italian armistice stopped everything. The fate of the aircraft is unknown, but it probably was destroyed by the allied bombers. There is no data on the second unit.

Why it should be in the game: many nations have premium bomber at low tier (mostly captured one) this one will be a good addition in that part of the Italian tree.



Length: 16.10 m
Wingspan: 18.00 m
Height: 4.55 m
Wing area: 55.00 m²
Max Weight: 7660 kg
Engines: 2 x Gnome-Rhone K-14NO
Engine power: 2 x 649 kW (870 hp)
Max speed: 438 km/h
Range: 2,200 km
Flight ceiling: 8,500 m
Climb rate: 5000m altitude achieved in 12 minutes (-> 6.9 m/s average)
Crew: 4



4x 7.9 mm FN Machineguns
up to 1200 kg of bombs


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+1 yes to all german plane in use by the italians


Since it only had 2 and they were mainly for testing, I say it should either be a premium or a low tier event reward