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The Dornier Do 317 B was the final evolution of the Do 17/215/217 series. Equipped with the powerful DB 610 engine, it was one of the contenders of the Bomber B specification along with the Arado Ar 340, the Focke Wulf Fw 191, the Henschel Hs 130, & the Junkers Ju 288. The Bomber B specification called for an aircraft featuring a pressurized cabin, remote controlled defensive armament, a radius of action sufficient to encompass the entire British Isles from bases in France & Norway, & a maximum speed in excess of 600 km/h at 6,000 m. Armed with an MG 131Z in the B1 & B2-Stands (fwd dorsal & rear dorsal), an MG 81Z in the C-Stand (ventral), and an MG 151 in the H-Stand (tail), its bomb load, carried internally & externally in the bomb bay or on two ETC 2000 bomb racks, comprised of the following loads:

1 x 2,500 kg
2 x 1,800 kg
2 x 1,700 kg
4 x 1,400 kg
4 x 1,000 kg
8 x 500 kg
8 x 250 kg
32 x 50 kg
4 x BSB
4 x Luftmine A
2 x Luftmine B
1 x Luftmine F
plus up to 1 x 1,800 kg externally under each wing

In War Thunder, the Do 317 B would be a 1943-1944 mid to late war aircraft competitor to the Ju 288 C already in the game as well as the previously suggested Fw 191 B. About 6 Do 317 V were produced throughout 1943 with an unknown number of components & mock-ups in various states of construction before the program was terminated. This suggestion is specifically for the Dornier Do 317 B bomber. Main features of the Do 317 B would be:

~670 km/h maximum speed
Powerful DB 610
Extended 26 meter wing
Pressurized cockpit
Remote controlled armament
Ability to carry the 2,500 kg bomb
Maximum bomb load of 9,200 kg

Some more information:



very well put together.

  1. put all pictures in hide details sections like this (in relevant and separate sections)
  2. list the advantages of this on the already existing Do 217s because not many people can ready for so long 😅
  3. great job!
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would be a nice cas plane for ground rb. The do217 are good with their 1000 kg bombs and faster/better climb rate is always better

+1, i hope to see both the Do-317B and the Ju-388k in game


Essentially, the agility and shape of the Do 217 K, the speed and armament of the Ju 288, and the bomb load of the B-29. I definitely want this aircraft

looks like its about half the bombload

What does the b 29 carry?

20,000 pounds internally, and even more so with external stores.

9,200 kg = 20282.53 lb

That’s the internal bay only
B-29’s were modified with wing racks that allowed them to carry two grand slams externally along with their normal bombload.
A b-29 in this configuration could theoretically carry 64,000 pound of bombs

I don’t know too much about enemy aircraft but there was a discussion somewhere on the old forums where people were confusing the Tallboy with the Grand Slam as well as citing payloads of the XB44/B29D/B50 for this game’s B29A which should have 20,000 lb according to manual:


I see. Must have been looking at the B-50. My bad

What BR would you put this at? Given that the B-29 is 7.3

No idea. The entire BR system is arbitrary. I would have put this craft in-between the He 177 A-5 & the Ar 234 B-2

Germany 6.0 BR sc2500 carrier

Actually all of these bombers can carry the damn bomb Where is the missing SC2500? and where is the SB2500A1?
Yet for some reason it’s still not modeled for the rest of the bombers

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make them into a suggestion

It already was suggested on the old forum but they moved the topic to 'Game Discussion>Machinery of War Discussion>Aircraft Discussion>Germany:

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Already bug reported them all left is waiting now