Door gunners

Transport helicopters should have door gunners.
That should give them some minimal edge against attack helicopters and planes and will be fun to gun ground targets Vietnam style.
The crew skills for the gunners are already there, and are currently unused by helis.
Who’s with me?


Could be fun, but hard to use outside of the current stupid AI

It sounds so stupid and it’s ridiculous, they’re going to shoot from ak47 to f16 lol.

miniguns on hueys to shoot down apaches?
sign me up!!!

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For starters - not that many F-16s at 8.7

It will add immersion
It will provide early warning - you dodge when gunners open up.

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might work if its put like the turret system on bombers on aircraft.
plus engagement distances for helis are well within AI engagement ranges

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Mi-8 are basically using PK 7.62 MG,…
There are variants with 14.5 Kord.

So i don’t see anypoint in bringing AK-47,…

Just inform yourself,…


next time provide a subtle hint you are being sarcastic, without it you sound uneducated.

I’m sorry that I’m using a translator and it sounds sarcastic in my language, and the fact that the translator makes something else out of it is not my problem anymore

It is,… cuz’ if we can’t see/read sarcasm,… you can’t told us there is one.

why not. Also any helicopters with gunner/Co-pilot for its turret should also be able to automatically shoot at targets within certain range (at least 500m or less) . And we should be able to choose whatever to leave them at “fire at will” or “hold fire”

It ll be much useful in Helicopter PVE . sometimes when rockets were still loading, door gunners can shot targets.
7.62 machine gun still working well against AI AT guns I think~

Saddens me people solely want features out of a gameplay meta perspective rather than them just being cool. I mean what is the actual downside to historically accurate gunners in doors? Even if they aren’t that useful beyond lucky shots? Not like it would be OP to have them either, wouldn’t exactly be much better than plane gunners at that tier.

This could lead to Fortunate Son blasting on the Hueys… I wouldn’t mind this…