Dont shrink the maps - bring the full sized maps back

What is this !? The maps with a single cap are total shit now. No flanking anymore just stupid head on. Stop that! Feels like a Destruction Derby bowl. Totally boring!


Thats right, i use esc on every round


Many maps seemed to of been dumbed down for the “play the objective” part of the community, who think pressing W and going only straight ahead is how War Thunder is to be played.

No creativity, or flanking, or finding an alternate route. Instead we’re stuck with these lazy changes, like the addition of boulders walling off an area, or out bounds to shrink the map which funnels both team into a narrow front.


I like 1 objective maps, I don’t like shrinking maps too much tho. I think that if they made it so 1 team has to defend town a, and the other has to take back said town, and the defending team gets to spawn like 10 sec earlier, it would make gameplay more engaging. Still alt routes and flanks should still be incorporated, as they are a core part of irl tank warfare. Also, I think there should be an incentive for CAS to destroy ground units that are either scouted by a light tank, or a scout uav marks it withing 5m of that tank. It would incentivize teamwork, and you could make an award that is 150 so instead of the 100 for regular “intelligence” the light tank benefits from this. Ofc, if the CAS player is using a ka50 then they get -190000000000000 SL and all their progress is reset, and they only get 0.00001% of the regular amt of rp (joke)

“Many”???..i haven’t seen anty shrunk map for several days ( i am not playing much, but still zero).
I also didn’t like them and i am hoping that they will become rare…i actually play them to the end, am curious on how they work and as i said i rarely get them…BUT if players are in fact leaving them, that stat will be visible (by devs) i guess…

The problem is the original poor map design. Most of them have exaggerated topography that allow players to take unrealistic advantage.

Not unless players actually stop playing or more importantly stop spending money.

It’s complete BS and a money grab. Making someone to play like an 80s video game. Move 10 feet, and have a duel. point click.


Random maps would solve many problems

From the mini update today:

More maps cropped…

they dont even have to be shrunked to get dumbed down.

How many sniping spots, alternative routes and so on have Gaijin removed lately.

It seems they are hellbend on making this game a CQC game.


Who is asking for these changes? There’s no consultation with the playerbase!

LMAO!! can you explain about this abomination of the maps please.
And this

Unless you say these are good map

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Because that is their intention, pacifica let it slip in a comment a little bit ago that the devs don’t want long range duels or sniping and want the game to be CQB focused.

Welcome to Call of Thunder.


yes, because tanks that can shoot kilometers should be running around in a maze…

If i wrote what i think of that thought, i would get a forum ban.

So please imagine something VERY rude and multiply it with 100.

And if this is the route they are going, they wont see any more of my money, and i am one of the people who spend money on the game.

Atleast give us the possibility to choose what kind of maps we want instead of this dreg

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and get CAS’d then people complain about CAS a lot in forum
geez i wonder why?

Small Cargo Port is equally as disgusting.

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if that map wasn’t disgusting enough how about more disgust version of it gaijin finally lost their mind

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Yeah, they somehow managed to take a godawful map and make it even worse. Ridiculous.

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Never underestimate Gaijin, when you think something is bad in the game they can always make it worse. Single cap maps is just an example.


help voting this to bring back the old maps
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