Don't let the gaijin change the weapon and performance freely!

As the topic, PSO made me sad. I had fantasies about gaijin in the past but now it was broken, then i will out. I can’t bear what the gaijin has done. We give money to them but what did they do? They make me like a slave.
Gaijin reduce revenue, give the weapon and performance to vehicle freely, gaijin change the vehicle freely, and play the balance of gaijin style.
“Realistic military game”? that’s a lie!
gaijin want to make money, that’s ok! You can sale history skin, beautiful skin and some decoration. They can help make money too! Like APEX CS: GO LOL Dota and so on. They have confirmed that: the money that the skin and decoration made is more than performance.
I want to say:
If you want to release a vehicle please do it well don’t confiscate the weapon and performance vehicle has .
You don’t want to give German a leopard2 with a strong hull like Strv122 you can give us l2a6m1/2 instead.
You don’t want to give aim 120 to f16c but only want to give aim9m to f16, you can give another version of F16 to American.
You have a fear that R73 could break the balance in the air battle, you can give us a real R 60m(k).
You don’t want to give pl11 to J8F you can release the laboratorial J10 to China.
If gaijin want to release a vehicle to us please do it well or find a substitute.
I can’t bear gaijin change the weapon and performance of vehicle freely anymore!


It´s very simple: Speak with your wallet.

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