Domination #1 Mozdok

The restriction of flanking areas on small maps is going to kill the game.


This ridiculous change is a downright disaster for the game, annihilating every bit of fun and strategy. Vehicles that used to flank are now nothing but free kills. Players are stuck in this mind-numbing, lame routine of just sitting around, crossing their fingers for a miracle. And what’s even more infuriating? The Team have the audacity to criticize players who wait around when they’re left totally screwed! I can’t stand the idea of one death leaving, but when the game’s stripping away any chance to make a damn difference. It’s either tossing pathetic spit balls or pretending to be some makeshift anti-aircraft gun. It’s an absolute nightmare, and it’s making my blood boil!


Is insane how Gaijin is ruining all good maps, right now spend more time in crewlock than playing.

All this stupid chages should be reverted ASAP.

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That’s because they seem to think we all have the attention span of hyperactive gnats and if we’re not in CQC within a few seconds we’ll hate the game.

Or something.

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Most of the maps in the game are a complete disgrace, the game has so much potential but it’s being held back by the awful maps. They are so mind-numbing that I won a game by just holding W in Hurtgen Forest, they are that bad.

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What’s the point of making a topic about a map if you don’t include a photo of said map? It makes no sense, especially if several other topics about poor map design already exist.

I will say one thing: Mozodok is one of the best maps ingame, and the change wasn’t that bad. They just need to make the red zone smaller or change that area of the map.