Dogfight score

I still don’t understand why actively dogfighting should not be rewarded with SL and RP. One may actively engage an enemy only to find hid opponent got killed by his teammates. Such a behavior should be rewarded since he IS actively playing the game. I still believe that removing dogfight score or proximity score is an encouragement of unethical behaviors such as kill steal. If one conducted kill steal, he got rewards, the one received assist also got rewards, therefore, total rewards received is higher than not conduct kill steal because one received the reward and the other receive none. Also, although gaijin claim that getting killed will give players some rewards, in many cases, one can still leave the battle getting killed with zero SL received. I strongly suggest putting proximity score or dogfighting score back.


It would also align with the improved economy changes. It’s a win for everybody.

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Same with a reward for every bounced and soaked up shot.

Same reward for capping a point for everyone participating in a cap…

So many things were actually implemented, but deleted because of Gaijin Reasons.