Doesn't this video prove how War Thunder damage physics is lame?

A BF-110G attacking an American B-17 (1944) : CombatFootage (

Because this scene lasts only 5 seconds in War Thunder.

Everyone know that since 2017. We dont need to prove anything…

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That video critiques all games, not just War Thunder’s.
Damage models can be improved, but they will never reflect real life to that level of detail.

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It is not lame, is noob-proof (plus income ). Baby gamers want to w + click and they are the ones that most spend on games

Problem is that you do not know the full circumstances in many of the WWII clips

You do not really know what kind of ammunition rounds are used… it would only take a hand full of normal 20mm rounds to take a B-17 or even B-24 out, and even fewer normal 30mm rounds

Someone even mentioned they looked like they could be Minengeschoß rounds, and it does seem to be the case… they do not seem to be armour piercing or normal rounds

Some clips also seems to be slowed down to at least half speed…

you also do not have War Thunders X-Ray system to see what damage has been caused… nor what happens to the aircraft that has been attacked, since gun cameras would not track targets and also would cut off after a few moments I think…

The other problem is that accuracy is much, much higher in game compared to real life… it was said somewhere… not sure how entirely accurate it really is, but something like only 2% of all German ammunition found its target during the war… so really lots of spray and pray, it would be different for experienced pilots obviously… but over all crews around 2% found their targets, and it is not that hard to believe

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