Does warthunder incorporate blade slap physics?

I’ve seen people complain about heli’s being too loud or being too silent, which has me wondering “does gaijin have blade slap physics? and if not, why?” it could help with that problem instead of just using a fixed volume for heli’s. Blade slap occurs when the rotor blades interact with the turbulent air created by their own movement or the helicopter’s body. It can happen when the rotor blades pass through the wake vortices created by the preceding blades, leading to rapid changes in air pressure around the blades.

The the intensity and volume of these blade slaps can increase drastically when doing maneuvers or rapid descents making heli’s much louder. The perfect example of this is the UH-1 Huey which has the most iconic blade slap sound and probably the loudest like this, skip to 5:00: Even though some are still loud without maneuver’s and just by going straight, it does help, much better than using a fixed volume heli sound, and it sounds badass too :)

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