Does upgrading vitality on crew do anything?

So yea, Vitality should i go after it now that I’ve maxed everything important

It can help a bit with surviving spall and shrapnel.

I dont know what you mean by “important crew skills”. I am assuming repair, reload, agility, and gunnery.

Yep all of em

Oh wait right REPAIR!

It also helps how long they could stay getting burned by fire before turning into grilled steak, some situation allows you to continue firing your weapons without having to put out the fire first because your crews can take it.

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It means your crew member will be orange instead of red when he gets hit in the googlies by a stray .50 cal


I’d say it’s pretty important.

Think about those times you survive with red jelly baby looking crew, without the vitality you’d be dead.

If you’re a USA main, nothing at all.

In the future update it also reduce “shell shock” for your crew but I don’t khow Gajin implend that feature.

Man, I am not looking for the polls regarding that feature. I really don’t need more reasons on why my tank can’t shoot as well as it could.

There used to be shellshock before with the stupid high pitch ringing that was piercing my skull. Even worse when you used headphones. I hope that does not come back.

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