Does this qualify as a vehicle for WT? (12 cm KA pjäs m/80)

12 cm KA pjäs m/80

It can move on its own, has a magazine (All be it small), Requires a minute to prepare to fire. But that pretty much it, it already has a seat for one brave man.

Does this vehicle technically pass the conditions by a Darn cointoss?


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If a player needs to tow something around the map, deploy then be able to operate,

No, you should suggest in one of those Squad’s mod forums, not in War Thunder guh

The gun can be easily moved in position with the aid of a motor, as can some others with an auxiliary motor, but on the march it is towed and is therefore not a self-propelled gun.

Watch your clip at the first minute.

Well war thunder does currently not have a Fuel system for ground vehicles soooo

yeah they do?

got both my fuel tanks shot and could not move even after repair cause both caught fire.

I mean tanks dont run out of fuel.

oh running out

I mean if it’s shot there it runs out.

Yea, but even if all fuel tanks are shot to heck, you just drive on.

just enough fuel to go on I don’t know.

I fixed my engine and could not move after mu fuel tanks where blasted to oblivion.

Wierd, i can just drive on after my fuel tank in my Strv m/40L is gone

I was in a Tiger 1

it said I could not move due to my fuel tanks being damaged.

I feel like that is some bias against the tiger now that you say that and that I think about it all my other tanks also moved after being shot there.

I wrote up a suggestion for the FH77 for an April Fools suggestion since that’s the only time I felt it could be suggested but missed the date, better luck next year.

And I mean it’s a literal Self-Propelled Gun. The FH77 even has a 3-round ready rack for projectiles and can be driven with the on-board engine.


That’s what i mean. It passes the requirements Just so incredibly barely

And it is still no self propelled gun by any definition.

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