Does the US not have a rank 1 event tank?

I was rather surprised to find out that the M8 LAC, which has remained quite expensive on the Marketplace for as long as I’ve been playing, is not actually an event vehicle. I looked at the wiki and found that there are not any rank 1 event tanks/AFVs for the US.

I am annoyed that I spent Gaijin coin to purchase a vehicle that did not have an event tag, but I’ll live. Can anyone who has been playing longer confirm the US doesn’t have a rank 1 tank that can grind events?

If i remember correctly the m8 was a gift tank? I may be wrong. I got mine when they did the 10 year anniversary crates.

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interesting to see that Russia, Germany each have 3 event vehicles and most minor trees have 1-2, so you either need to spawn in an event aircraft or play a different nation than the US. That sucks.

I think the lvt(a)(4) is an event vehicle.

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Not entirely, its just that gaijin added more 6.x event vehicles and 9.x and up vehicles for the US. Besides some of the US event vehicle are pretty cool.

Yes, but it’s rank 2 and BR 2.3, I was referring more to vehicles like the AMD-35 (repair factory event) and German P.204 (Summer Extreme 2023).

It is rank 1 and 1.3. Not the zis one. the one with the 75mm howitzer

says “Bundle or Gift” on the wiki, not event tagged

They all say “bundle of gift”. Even the t30 and t18 say that

damn that’s really annoying, I hope they add something in the next few events

Oooh sensitive. Must have hit the mark eh?

no I’d just really appreciate it if you stopped clogging up this thread with your garbage, it makes very little difference to me which nation I use to grind events at low tiers

If you do want to only do low rank US event grinding, the t18e2 is your best bet. It is a very good vehicle. Might not be rank 1 but that just means that you will get less of a score cut for using it.

It was a joke Boomer. You’re the one clogging up your own thread with your negative waves.

ranks 1-3 have the same score multiplier (.8x) so it doesn’t change anything.

I didnt know they changed that. Still a really good vehicle.