Does the JA37C or the AJS37 have the radar lock reticle in the HUD? (or on SB)

Hey c= just wondering if anyone knows if the JA37C or the AJS37 have the reticle which shows where enemy planes are when you lock on them on the HUD itself, not the global one that you see on AB and RB but the actual HUD for SB use, thanks

most aircraft dont have that despite having it IRL.
i dont think the viggen has that in game rn.
AFAIK only the F-14, F-15, F-16, Mig-29, Su-27 and some mirages have it

Awe, was hoping some of the newer Viggens have it, do they really not? Yeah the MiG 23s and Mirage F1s seem to have it which is why I was thinking the newer Viggens might have it as well since they’re from the same period