Does the Abrams have a spall liner? No from what I could find

i doubt it

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You know better than Engineers?

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Have you ever heard multiple layers, self sealing and reducing the amount of spalling with different layers?

Just because Germans,Britian and France used same principles for Spall Liners doesnt mean every nation is obligated to do the same thing.


remember pieces of ceramic tiling like this that are integrated into armor are not spall liners, but big pieces of useless weight that dont do anything

Cool… too bad this image isn’t from an Abrams, in fact the manufacturer makes no mention of what vehicle that is.

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Its an example of ceramic spall liners. Glad you missed the point

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An example that has nothing to do with the Abrams?

An example that reinforces the fact that spall liners are applied to the interior of the vehicle and not inbetween the armour?

‘’‘’[…] bolted in place immediately behind the vehicle’s armoured bodywork. […]‘’


I missed the point of spall liners in the said image having been applied to the interior of the vehicle, instead of as you claim, integretated into the armour?

I’ll continue missing it then, thanks.

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Yes because Spall liners can only be visible and never built into the armor aka integrated into the armor itself, a ceramic plate/ tile, kevlar cloth/fiber material, or in some cases just a spray on foam made to blend in with the armor (and yes it exists think spray foam but of a ballistic nature)

(also its funny how this is acceptable for challengers but not abrams)

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where do you even get that from?

the challenger in game have the ones inside of the tank not in the composite, and they also have visual proof that they had the mounts for the spall liners

Dunno about that, but you:
A) Haven’t presented evidence that the M1 uses such a form of spall liners, if they even exist in the first place.
B) You’ve shown a source that backs up my and Furina’s case that spall liners are mounted on the interior of the vehicle, and not inbetween the armour.


the fact every chally 2 has a spall liner but not a single abrams.

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do you have evidence that shows the mounts for this type of spall liners panels ? because the op did had them.

There are multiple photographs from inside the Challenger 2 showing spall liners inside the turret & hull. There are no such photographs from inside the Abrams, and claims of a spall liner integrated into the armour are dubious. That’s by the Challenger 2 has them and the Abrams does not.

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If thats the case and we need photographic proof of every vehicle, with documented but not confirmed articles to everything then why has the Abrams turret ring been properly modeled to be more than 50mm thick in some areas when it should be at least 200mm minimum all around to prevent most 30mm autocannons, nor fully enclosed fuel tanks and bumping the armor of said fuel tanks to I believe 25mm like previously stated on other posts (may be wrong). Also why are their still tanks in the game that only existed in theory Ho-Ri/ or wooden mockups such as the Waffentrager.


I don’t get it why some guy belive that a fabric layer between 2 hardened steel can act as spall linear, like they think that it the same with modern glass for car ? That’s how physic work ?

If we can take an example, literally take any modern combat vest with hard-plate add on or any marketing materials for spall linear that existed for heli, civilian spall protection for door/floor on armored car, …etc literally every add-on plate test on body armor prove it.

It would still depending on how you would design vehicle , armor package.
As it stand the point of spall liner (that SpeclistMain try to explain) is to reduce amount of fragments (aka reduce spall cone) generated by last layer during an shell impact or when armor being penetrated.

For example
In this report they mention that
“Very little supporting experimental work has been undertaken but the report suggests that relatively thin liners can significantly reduce or suppress spalling, with consequent reduction in behindplate lethality,”
Page 4

There are more study which SpeclistMain refer to.
“the primary function of the kevlar liner is spall and associated fragment suppression.
page 47

Still not sure about the layout of the hull spall liners on CR2, It’s hard to see the actual side armour sadly

what is this post supposed to prove?

Do you actually have a familiarity with what you’re talking about?

You know plates exist with spall liners on the front of the plate, right? The plate rated to stop rounds up to whatever caliber means it will explode against the plate, and spall liner is front of the plate to catch the spall from shooting up into your throat and jaw. It’s not on the back.

Whether they’re right or wrong about spall liners in tanks, you’re completely wrong about plates.