Does the Abrams have a spall liner? No from what I could find

You cant be serious. This journalism article knows more nuiances about abrams tanks than 90% of WT players, and its uncredible…Its a secondary source


And the wood is on the inside, I’m familiar with ships, I also like ships.

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Maybe you should have taken longer. That is referring to the main armor array packages. Not interior spall liners.

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Yes the wood is on the inside acting as a spall liner and as a backing material

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Are you illiterate? It literally says its integrated. I get it now, russians just cant understand that spall liners can be integral in armor, and must be hung with canvas clips inside like skirts

I get it man, its real innovative stuff


Ok I know this is a separate convo but I remember something weird with ships and iirc it can be the opposite since wood splinters and certain iron compositions doesn’t. But that’s for another day. I mean I dont disagree with you? Spall liners back up the backing plate

I also advise you to join the GHPC discord, there’s some people there you can talk to. Also its a good game so theres that

In this case the backing plate is the “spall liner”. One of your claims being a backing material isn’t a spall liner, but it sure as hell can be


You’ve already ignored the composite armor study. The fact that you can’t accept that an even more brittle and shatter-prone material can be prevented from spalling by a spall layer between the surfaces proves you don’t understand the mechanics or physics behind this.

There have been many examples and references provided. Your denial doesn’t refute them.


You seem to misunderstand me, I’m saying there is no backing layer (spall liner), go through the photos I posted.

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I didn’t comment on that, and im not here to judge wether a vehicle has a spall liner based on some images

Edit: i commented on backing layer not being a spall liner

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…you mean the composite armor that is between the metal you posted images of? The composite armor modules are where the spall liner is located. The references to the Abrams program in the integrated composite armor would indicate that they got their information from said program.

You know, the same tank being described as incorporating a spall lining in multiple documents now?


There is only one source that says there are spall liners inside M1s and its an editorial error.
Let’s humor you and assume its talking about the “monkey model” M1s.

Opps. No spall liners there either.

kinds of evidence


Then what are you looking for? Because the only DTIC source says the M1 Abrams does not have a spall liner, normally that would be good enough but I’m trying to add more since I was already researching this way before so I already compiled a list. The only other DTIC study talks about the XM1


God youre dense

What part do you not understand that you CANNOT see it. Because you cant see air or gravity is it not there?


Post the whole doc

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Im looking for dumb statements like “backing layer isnt a spall liner”

I don’t pretend to be on topic, i like my forum threads like my trains, derailed on interesting subjects

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Please note that this document can be applicable only to pre-1996 abrams.


Really? Now you are claiming that the spall liners are invisible?
I guess you got us there.
I give up. Yes, the M1 has magical invisible unobtainium armor on the insides.