Does the Abrams have a spall liner? No from what I could find

Blatantly false. These DTIC sources say the Abrams have spall liners.:

This DTIC source references the Abrams program while showing improved methods for constructing integral composite armor modules with internal spall lining.:

So we have at least 3, including one that shows the material working. Despite the design being something you claim is impossible.


Thats the XM1 document, also the “references” arent referneces, they’re the number of copies given out to various departments.


Second one was still for the Crusader SPG program from the early 2000s.

The XM1 was a part of the Abrams program.

The document you are citing isn’t even an official Army document, though. Look who prepared it. Not even the Army Research Lab. XD

Gee, you think the Abrams program would be interested in improvements to their integral composite armor design, or seeing the results of the information they provided and how it was being represented?


A lot of cost-cutting measures were made before the M1 went into production. It was originally going to get the much better M-60A3 TTS thermal sight, but a cheaper one was installed. etc. I guess spall liners were also chopped.


What? Ok last call, GHPC discord so you can talk to more people or I move on.

Layers exist you know


No, you just keep ignoring what everyone is saying though, its integrated, not some cheap fabric dangling down like a car dashboard rug


For onions. It defeats the purpose of a “spall liner” for it to not be on the outside (inside?) to catch the spall.

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Oh and youre a materials scientist/engineer?

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Thank you for not being disengious

And you are ignoring someone who has actually been inside and taken most of an M1 apart.

And that includes cutting through the walls?


That third & fourth image looks an awful lot like this


Actually I have seen the “peanut butter”.
Lets recap:
A)The M1 spall liners are invisible.
B)The m1 spall liners are inside the armor, and not actually spall liners.

Uh oh…you mean that fabric INSIDE the metal layers of the Abrams? Like described in previous documents? Like the spall lining in integral composite armor layers?

Its almost as if you can see where the fabric was adhered to the metal, and that the metal has bent outward and torn, but didn’t fragment!

But watch out, the illiterati is going to be upset with this! HERE THEY COME!:


That is the hydraulic fluid tank. Its not armor.
Please stop. No amount of your wishful thinking is going to change reality.

" Studies have shown that every material or a combination of materials, with enough thickness, can defeat a projectile [11,12]. However, the use of one material can be either expensive or can lead to a very heavy structure. For that reason, a multi-layered structure is more suitable, consisted of three distinct layers, according to STANAG 4569 [[13], [14], [15]]. Different approaches have been employed to create a composite armour, but the most common practise is the use of a backplate made from materials such as Steel, Al alloys and Ti alloys, an intermediate part of ceramic plates/tiles such as SiC, Al2O3 and B4C, and a front plate made of fibre reinforced polymers such as polyethylene (PE) and aramid fibres, bonding together with the use of epoxy resins, polyethylene resins or/and polyurethane resins [[16], [17], [18]]. The two frontal plates (front plate and intermediate plate) are related to the fragmentation and the mitigation of the projectile’s nose, while the last plate (backplate) is responsible for holding the two front plates, stop the fragments and absorb a significant amount of energy, created from the projectile (∼40%) [[19], [20], [21]]. Due to the relatively high density of materials (metallic character), used in the rear (backplate) of the composite protection system, these materials usually constitute a significant percentage of the total weight of the composite protection system [[22], [23], [24]]."
" A novel multi-layered composite armor system is proposed for ballistic protection in the present study. The composite armor is composed of a ductile metal front, followed by a ceramic/UHMWPE laminate composite as the intermediate layer, and a ductile metal back layer. The ballistic performance of the composite armor against flat-nosed projectile was investigated experimentally and numerically. Experimental results show that the proposed composite armor exhibited several failure modes, including ductile hole enlargement of metallic face sheets, fragmentations and cracks of the ceramic layer, delamination, fiber fracture and bulge deformation of UHMWPE laminates. Three-dimensional numerical model was established to analyze the evolution of the whole ballistic response, and to discuss the effect of the ceramic layer placement and the mass allocation between the ceramic layer and UHMWPE laminate layer on the ballistic performance. Simulation results reveal the evident reduction in residual velocity that results from the optimal placement of the ceramic layer. Good balance among the contributions of the target components can be achieved to maximize the total energy absorption of composite armor by optimizing the ceramic placement strategy. The projectile residual velocity and the total energy absorption are insensitive to the mass ratio of ceramic layer to UHMWPE laminate layer within a certain range. Under the condition of a higher mass ratio, the specific energy absorption of UHMWPE layer can be significantly improved due to the full development of its bulging deformation. Consequently, it would benefit the energy absorption capability of the composite armor."

Oh no, metallic backplates with spall mitigation in between!


In that case, lets say all versions of the abrams have no spall liners or spall protection, would it be fair to instead have spall protection on the crew in warthunder? seeing as its a different way to achieve the same outcome, I don’t see why we should nerf a nation artificially because they do something differently.


Hah , we know Gaijin with artificially nerd Abrams and say they it doesn’t have spallliner of any kind while giving out it to the rest of toptier. But, we will see