Does Sweden receive Aim-120s this update

I have seen the stream but doesn’t seen like they are showing whether Sweden is receiving Aim-120s on the Jas39A model.

just the jas39 C will get amraam

the Gripen will receive the Aim120s this patch in form of the RB99

yes, jas39c gets rb99

not the jas39a though which is weird. whatever they have a vision

So Sweden won’t get any new missiles this update?

Not A model tho. Is it

You’ll get RB99 on the Gripen C which will be added in this update

The JA37D and JAS39A will not get any new missiles
Also the JAS39C should get a ‘new’ Rb75T

They showed Rb75T’s on dev stream.

That means more grind :(

you get rb99 (aim-120b i believe)