Does skill matter?

With the propensity of the Matchmaker to make one sided battles, I can only conclude that skill is a minimal factor. You are always going to be dependent on the team with which you are saddled. I guess you just have to pray to the Snail for a win.

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Ground or air? And at what br level? Gonna need a bit more to work with to get a good discussion out of this.


At winning? Sometimes. You can’t force EVERY game to be a victory, but it’s a fact that comparing same vehicles to same vehicles (assuming all variables the same) between two different players, the better player will win more and this will be represented in his statcard.

At just doing well? Absolutely, that is always up to you. If you do poorly in a match it’s because you did poorly.

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Which doesn’t actually exist…

The team you are “saddled with” has the sum total of all the skill your team possesses - including your own.

I don’t know if skill matters or not but I do get the award occasionally telling me that it does matter.

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I am not at all sure that skill matters - I feel like most of my matches are me getting three shot killed by a tank a full BR higher then me moving onto the next match where the same thing happens again, again, and again. I get hit in the back of my tank and my cannon is black in the rare instance I am not outright killed .

Mysteriously after having a good game in which I kill 6 or 8 tanks, in the next game my bullets either do no damage, or they bounce senselessly or if they perforate they only kill one crew member. I begin to think that either the game is very bad or there is a hidden balance so that people do not go up so fast.

Ping Matters!

I’ve also noticed that in air modes. have a high kill round? enjoy marshmellow bullets for the next map or two.

In some ground pound missions I also note that after I’ve got 10-15 Ground targets in a strafing run suddenly the exact same types of soft targets take more bullets… it’s weird.

You can tell yourself that skill doesn’t matter, but you’ll never improve that way. I’ve had many battles where my actions clutched a victory. Them wins also happen to be very gratifying.

Yes skill does matter, you need to put the time in to get it is the trick. Lots of tricks and tips to this game that aren’t in tutorials or Wiki you only learn by doing and watching others. And all this changes with each game mode, what works in arcade will not in real or or sim and visa versa.

And getting real, what kind of game you are going to have depends heavily on the player population and region of the of the world they come from. You can be a level 100 player and have a couple on your team but when the big pack runners and spawn hunter packs jump on it hard from the start little your side can do to win it.

We won’t get into the other glaring issues we aren’t allowed to talk about like the growing script kiddie and bot problem at some BR levels.

Skill matters as long as the game leaves you, I have changed the course on more than one occasion, I command 11 or 14 of the game, but when the game does not want to, it does not let you kill and then you are the one who dies, and now you can Be the best in the world, when the game won’t let you and you have to shoot between 3 and 6 times to kill an enemy, well, like before you die with the first shot and everything is heading towards disaster.

The skill roof went down a couple of floors when they halved the spawn costs and went down further ever since. No, skill does not matter anymore. Numbers do.

The ability depends on how many tanks with APHE you have,which mysteriously is the bullet that bugs the least.

Why don’t? Still remember how Italian F86 got 0.7 BR higher than the copy-and-pastes of other nations?


Skill matters little when winning or losing games if you exclusively use ground vehicles. A competent or especially skilled CAS player can change the entire outcome of a match. You are rewarded spawn points for your skill, and are then allowed to change the match with your skill. I suggest using some powerful CAS aircraft whenever available to you, even if you’re trying to grind tanks. The extra rewards from winning a match are worth the time spent in a plane.

You can group up with 3 other players on voice comms.

As long as the group is reasonably experienced and competent, you can easily win most games.

It baffles me why so many people play solo, then complain about their random team-mates.

I learned many years ago (after losing 10 games in a row playing AB tanks), not to play solo.

Joining a good squad saved the War Thunder experienced for me.

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