Does it matter which jets I grind?

Consensus says that USA and Russia have the best jets in War Thunder, but I have zero interest in those two nations. Will I face any significant issues as I progress to the top with other countries?

Germany 5.3 - 6.0 is a dead zone, just in case you plan on doing it. It’s fine to skip that zone and go straight to 6+ though, obv a bit slower.

Japan and Britain are pretty good afaik, though of course when you get to top tier, you will be outclassed by Russia and USA.

USA and Russia have the biggest tech trees so you are more likely to find a meta jet that you enjoy.

Every nation will have planes that are just straight up bad for their BR and you will face challenges due to BR compression. I enjoy Britain the most. javelin, scimitar, harriers and the jag GR1A are all decent. no enjoyable top tier plane though.

hunter f.58 is a good plane if you need to grind out Germany.

Play the nations that interest you. Make our own meta. You’ll figure out what you like.

@SatsuJ what makes that BR range a “dead zone” for Germany?

The matches are often 6v6 or 7v7, with 4 planes on the German team being Ju-288 bombers at 6.0. German planes also aren’t quite as good as the American planes they face.
You’ll just end up stuck with 4 teammates who do almost nothing, facing planes that are sometimes better then you.

There’s also no variety in what you face either.

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I see, thank you for explaining.

Are there any other BRs that suffer from similar problems? If yes, for which nations?

Sweden will get the Gripen somewhere this year. The Gripen will remain a good jet until the very end because they’ll add the Gripen C which is still used by many modern airforces. After that is only the Gripen E.

France has pretty good Mirage’s as well.

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