Does Germany (especially top tier) need help

  • Yes, 2A7V and Eurofighter prototype
  • Yes but only for air
  • No
  • rUssIA sUfFers! GIB BVM 2023 and Su 27!
  • delete the tree

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IMO the ground forces are working quite well, Germany stereotypes of blind players are gone by 11.0-11.7 and German win rates are surprising.
The leopard 2 are working quite well, despite the unfairness of better leopards in non German TT’s.
what we do need it comparable CAS aircraft.
German CAS is highly WVR and has little standoff capabilities. The Kh-29T on the Su-22M4 is semi standoff but its 12km range and even less locking range and locking success rates give it a bad efficiency rating.
We do need better aircraft munitions for Air to ground. That’s basically it.

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While top tier air is not as full as say USSR or USA, I think Germany is pretty well off right now. Playing with the German teams at 10.3 and 11.7 ground have been fine though I have been playing as the US ground, so that could mean something. Air to ground stand-off weapons though are lacking compared to other NATO counterparts however, such as the F-16C and Harrier GR.7s AGM-65Ds.

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especially considering amount of weapons (6 agm on f-16 and 2 x 35km range agm on mig-29smt, mirage etc)

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Yeah, the only thing that comes close right now IIRC, is the F-4F, but those are B variant AGM-65s and only two at max isn’t really comparable.

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also has anyone else been thrashed by aim9Ms in GRB? cuz i think its a bit OP in GRB esp with my graphics settings

The AH-1Z has 9M’s now as well, personally I think it’s a good thing top tier air-to-air is getting deadlier, as it takes the edge off the ludicrously good CAS that’s getting added.

unfortunately it IS THE ludicrously good CAS that gets the Aim 9M

The snail moves in mysterious ways, yes.


Only range where Germany needs help is around 7.3.

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It has felt weird for a while that the best nation to play Leo2s is sweden, with the PSO onky recently closing the gap, even then, it needs the frontal plate to be covered up completely to be an equal to the STRV 122s. I’d say giving Germany one more Leo 2 and a competitive top tier light would solve my complaints, the quality of the Leo 2 wouldn’t have to be better than the PSO as if Sweden has the best Leo 2s, but less of them, if gives you a reason to pick Germany or Sweden depending on which you value more. I’d personally reccomend the 2a4 Revolution.

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I’d like to say there aren’t a lot of German fans, for a lot of reasons, so you’re not gonna get a lot of support

Leo 2a6ex :
Leo revolution:

@Syndicalist36453 So about ground forces:
There a few vehicles except 2a7v

It’s silly that Sweden has had the best Leopards for 3 years now, and Germany only had 2 lesser MBTs and nothing else above 11.0 for the longest time, only to get a Leopard designed for urban warfare for god knows what reason.

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So It was in the game files for a long time

Which is also weird because they can plan these things years ahead, so why nations aren’t just equalized is beyond me.

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So there is commercial. Where more money, there more power. Plus developers beloved tech trees

I reccomemded it because I don’t think Germany needs a direct upgrade right now, but a more full lineup, this and a competitive light I think would suffice, as well as buffs for their radar spaa which are miserable to play atm.