Does anyone have the (Declassified obviously) ballistic charts for the German DM23 APFSDS?

Made a Bug report about the DM23 not traveling 1640 m/s (0.79 seconds) to reach 1293 meters, and it was actually traveling 1491 m/s (0.914 seconds) once it reaches 1293 meters, and they closed my report saying my calculations “does not take into account the muzzle velocity of rounds is decreasing with distance”

But no APFSDS should be shedding 221 m/s much less a 120mm Rod, that’s just insanely inaccurate…it’s just not how APFSDS were designed.

So does anyone have (non incriminating) access to the ballistics of this APFSDS from different ranges? I very much would like to take a look at that ballistics chart…

doesn’t have the Ballistic chart

claims the shell doesn’t slow down

report gets rejected

yea I see nothing wrong here

Don’t have one for DM23, but I do have for DM33;


No like, I am aware that APFSDS slows down, but it shouldn’t be shaving off 221m/s lmao it’s not like it should have that much drag seems a bit off to me. Swiss ballistics are saying DM23 is supposed to be about 100 m/s at 1400 yards but I dont know if swiss are using the same ammunition.

And yea, the ballistic charts not really wildly available when it comes to German Ammunition, so I would like to see if that’s even the case irl.

Thank you this is very nice as well.

Exact same munition. They bought theirs from Germany, Pfl 87 is DM33 for example, DM23 was called Pfl 85 if I remember correctly.

Both rounds are supposed to be 10m/s faster on their German equivalents though due to the warmer temperatures in the plains of Germany, rather than in the Swiss mountains (if I remember correctly, that was reported).

Interesting. Then yea this game has DM23 shooting way slower than it should be. But maybe I am wrong.

Not sure how accurate this is, as I cannot find any ballistic tables from the Swiss lmao but nonetheless I find pretty relevant to the topic at hand.