Does anyone else find the BTR-80A to be cracked?

Title, I have been immensely enjoying it lately in my 8.0 italy lineup

I have just started to enjoy the lighter, autocannon armed vehicles. They are very very fun to use, especially against all the annoying wheeled vehicles with high caliber cannons. I am close to the BTR-80 in the Russian tree, and cannon wait to speed around and pepper everyone with that autocannon.

Before you get the APDS belt it can be frustrating but take it from me that once spaded its a blast

The only thing I hate about it is the sight zoom.

I’d say my only complaint is that it is way to easily penned by even light caliber machine gun fire, and the fact that you only seem to get one APDS belt, the other being whatever you select.

I do find it fast, but it’s turning radius at low speeds can be a hinderance. But it’s 30mm gun is great and makes short work of tank barrels and tracks for those you can’t pen, and is decent against CAS also.