Does anyone else experience this? I get hit and my tank gets disabled or modules destroyed it occurs without any indication or effects

No poor FPS or LOSS to blame yet about once every two games when I get hit and my tank gets disabled or modules destroyed it occurs without any indication or effects. It’s like someone snaps their fingers and my tank is suddenly a sitting duck. To add insult to injury, sometimes it takes a second or two for my barrel (or other components) to show up as black and non-functional. Then after I’ve repaired and my barrel is completely fixed, there’s a small chance that my aiming reticle remains red like I’m unable to shoot.

Not the biggest deal, but does anyone else experience this from time-to-time?


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Search for replay from battle when it happened.
Link the replay here (or best - first check by yourself what hits you).

I know 100% that another tank hit me with their round. It just seems like the message that was meant to tell me that my tank got hit was lost (or delayed) so the game doesn’t know to show the effects associated with being penetrated, I get no marker showing me the direction the shot came from, then a half second to a second later my modules update showing which ones are destroyed. It’s not the biggest issue in the world, but a second in this game when you’re surrounded by enemies is an eternity and typically causes a premature death of my tank/crew. Plus, I’m left for a second trying to move my tank or rotate my turret not knowing I’m unable to do so and wondering why I’m stranded.

I could link a replay. However, since it only shows what the server sees it won’t clarify what happened on my end. The hit just looks like any other.


It’s a pretty old issue. It happens once in while.

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Definitely has been noted in the past. I’m probably noticing it more often lately because schools out and there are more people playing which is putting strain on the game’s infrastructure. It’s probably the same reason why certain players [with high pings] don’t move smoothly across the map when travelling at high speed and look like they’re being pulled by a rubber band. Then to make the situation worse, these tanks are very difficult to hit because where they appear on your screen isn’t the same location registered by the server.

Happy to know that it’s not a client networking issue.

Apparently it was a bug, and is now fixed:


My experience is in arcade. I didn’t think to name a game mode because I thought an issue like this would be global, but I guess not. Even though the bug fix specifically states assault and custom, maybe I’ll affect arcade as well. I won’t hold my breath though :b.

This has been happening to me recently in ground arcade, including today.

Yes, same here. It’s not fixed. Makes you wonder what else is affect by this. Maybe the days when I feel like I cannot hit anything with my airplane, it’s the game failing to register/report properly and not me playing lousy lol.

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