Do you think your tank commander should call out targets?

Basically something similar to what Gunner, HEAT, PC does. For those who don’t know, in GHPC, if you’re playing a vehicle that supports it, your TC will have voice lines calling out nearby targets for you to shoot. He’ll say what the target is, what ammo type to use, and whether you need to traverse the turret left or right to point at the target. I don’t imagine it would work quite like that in War Thunder, maybe just a single-word description of what he sees and roughly where it is, something like “tank, 1 o’ clock” or “anti-air, 9 o’ clock,” or something along those lines. Do you think something like this would be a good addition, and if so, how do you think it should work?

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Probably shouldnt give loads of detail. Simply because it just makes situations more confusing but yeah. I think a “Tank, 1 o’clock” wouldnt be totally unreasonable. Maybe with the pre-fix of “light”, “Medium”, or “heavy”

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Do it for arcade. Would ruin the whole point of ambushing in rb/sb if they can still point me out regardless of if the player is paying attention.

No. Git gut.

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I thought my crew was already calling out threats. I keep getting told that there’s air by them, or something.

They do call out air targets. Kind of annoying because they will spam the alert when a single uav is up.


Nice, good to know I’m not hearing something else that just sounds like it.