Do you think the Object 279 should go up in BR?

So, playing 8.3 these past few weeks has been hell since the new br changes due to a bunch of tanks that shouldn’t be fighting each other fighting each other. Nothing is worse than the Object 279.

At 8.7, it completely crushes every single tank below. Almost no tanks at this tier get anything besides HEATFS and APDS, neither of which are very effective at killing the Object.

Most of the time, it takes at LEAST 3 shells to kill if you are lucky. By then, you are most of the time already dead anyway. It has every lil thing better over every tank at its BR and lower.

This thi by deserves to be 9.0. At this VR, it can still face tanks that have trouble penning it, but it will have tanks at its own BR that can atleast do some damage to it.


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Sure it can go to 9.0, but only if the IS-7 is dropped to 8.0

Fair by me. Never had trouble killing the IS-6 or 7.


No object 279 is in a fine spot with many things even in down tier have either heatfs or atgms and can fight it well. The problem people have with it is that it is not the most common vehicle people fight so they don’t take the time to understand where it needs to be penetrated which leads to them panic shooting. Many of the 7.7s and up that have heatfs/apds, or atgms can easily kill object 279 even a handful of the 7.3s can. We simply have a lack of knowledge of the player base that encounters the vehicle. Most of all the things at its actualy br and id say 8.0-9.3are on even footing with 7.3-7.7 needing to hit very specific spots or to flank it but it is possible. once you get to 9.3-9.7 vehicles they make very quick work of the object. Even at 9.0 there are many Apfsds slingers and can make quick work of the object I feel like it is currently in a good spot if you get up tiered at all you face many things that negate your heavy armor and I rarely find myself in a full down tier with all the br changes they have made.

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You mean IS-7 is brought to 8.7, and Maus to 8.0, etc.
Then we’re back to square one.
The reason why decompression happened was to breathe new life into every heavy tank.

Well mate, it’s very clear you haven’t played against a 279 in any sort of tank that doesn’t have APFSDS.

ATGM’s have the tendency to do quite literally no damage to the 279 sometimes. Even if you do land an ATGM from the front, do you know how rarely they die from that?

HEATFS and APDS do pretty much nothing frontally to it. The rare times they do something, it usually gets absorbed by the fuel tank or just kills the driver.

Most tanks suffer against this. It’s similar to the A10 in Air RB. If it goes up, it gets completely destroyed by everything. If it goes down, it ruins and entire BR bracket,

You see the problem here? Most 8.3 and even some 8.7’s have some some trouble killing it. To say that 7.7 tanks can kill it reliably is a blatant lie.


Object 279 has no fuel tanks in the hull. They are located between the tracks, below the hull.

Agree, Obj. 279 should be 9.0.
In compensation T-62M and BMP-3 can go back to 8.7

My mistake, I seem to have mixed it up in my mind with another Russian heavy around this br.

I never said they could kill it reliably just that it was possible if they hit a specific spot and sometime would need to disable it and flank. There is no fuel to eat the shell unless you whiff your shot entirely. ATGMS can disable and or kill if they hit ammo again need to be aimed properly not just hit the tank anywhere. You seem to be under the impression that the object has it so good but I have the feeling you have never played it, however in reality it suffers like many of the heavy tanks in the game. Here is a 7.3 with a reliable frontal pen shot with its heatfs.

Most other heavies tend to have that. First Russian one that comes to mind is the kv1 and those side fuel tanks that hunger for my rounds.

“It suffer like any other heavy tanks” That’s just BS.

Play any non-trivial amount of 8.7 games and track on how many of those a Obj 279 user sit at the top of the scoreboard. The thing performed well at 8.7, there was no reason to downtier it to “8.3”.

Protection Analysis doesn’t really give the full story though.

The chances of you 1) Hitting an Object 279 before you can stop and fire your ATGM’s or 2) Having your ATGM seemingly do no damage because it just feels like it is INCREDIBLY high.

I can’t speak for protection analysis, but I can speak for over 100 matches in the Marder and BMP combined since the new br changes dropped.

I fired my ATGM dead at the upper front plate and it just fused and did not damage. It works great on paper but in practice it is just not feasible.

Getting the chance to use an ATGM on the Object is almost impossible unless you flank it which is even harder since they tend to not be alone.

I just don’t think that it’s fair for 7:7 tanks to even have to think about facing the 279. The Caneravon shouldn’t even have to think about fighting a 270, yet it does quite often.

I don’t care if it’s useless. If it brings things slightly closer to balance with making sure that it can actually die, then i’m fine with it being less effective.

I think the core issue is that they didn’t fix BR compression, they just moved everything from 7.3 up, and while this change was good in some ways, they should of just gone all the way and made ground 12.0 now.

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The Caernarvon has plenty of pen and can pierce the object 279 , turret ring level and driver port are easily penned and can do plenty of damage. I just find that british apds and apds in general has very poor spalling on post pen but again not a problem because of the object 279 itself.

Yes, it can pen, but it lacks both the speed and firepower of the Object as well. Object can almost always get the first shot due to the top speed and stabilizer allowing it to get into position faster.

And also, as you mentioned, the for some reason very poor spall on not only the Object, but a large majority of Russian tanks makes APDS even worse.

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That has been my experience when i decided to take it out. Most shots that didnt pen me were from people aiming way too low and only hitting the tracks/fuel tanks.
The cycle happened when it first came out. Here is what has/what will happen.
1: People take out the object 279 due to the event.
2: people in the br range are, for the most part, used to the ‘point and click’ meta of the tier and are unable to do the same to the object 279.
3: People in chat/forum complain about it being “unkillable” or “op” which causes people who own it go think "wow, time to take out my object 279.
4: The wave of 279s causes more panic and the cycle continues for a bit.
5: People learn how to deal with the tank and 279s start getting knocked out more often.
6: 279 players, realizing that the 279 is not actually op, stop playing it.
7: The 279 numbers crash to near zero and people slowly forget how to deal with it.
8: The cycle starts again.


I would agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact that it now faces very early cold war tanks and it itself did not get moved up in the recent round of br changes.

To be fair, I dont think it was played enough for them to have enough data to make a br change. With the current spam, I could see it moving up in the next br change just on usage alone.

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Honestly, didn’t think about how there isn’t enough data, Makes sense.

Then again, Gaijin’s data isn’t always great. Remember when Gaijin almost moved the CL-13 MK4 to 9.0 because a squad of people had 5 KD’s in them and were the only ones playing them so they thought it should be a higher br?

Yeah, kinda hard to trust their data after that.

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