Do you think planned map changes in road map will be enough or will the maps will stay one of the major issues in this game?

Like seriously, is there any ground player who does enjoy majority of the maps? And it seems like even then few of the changes are going to make maps even smaller, which is fine for lower BR’s, kind of, but it discourages to use strengths of most NATO vehicles which is long range fights.

There’s also no talk about changes in spawns and capture points, which are imbalanced mess in current state.

What else do you guys would want to see improved in current maps, and do you think it will ever happen?

Majority number of map are actualy bad … Even the maps for low BRs:

  • To small (specialy in hight BR with tank who drive at 50km/h and can firing to 3km…)
  • bad spawn protection
  • to many urban maps
  • bad spawn placement
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Large maps are also just bad, several allow spawn to spawn sniping, and often have massive areas of empty space.

Small maps are more popular because they are more bearable to play on, compared to large maps.

Small maps too … Berlin, Normandy, Sinai, karelia…

No, maps need a large rework with few versions: short for arcade and low BR in RB and SB, large for RB and SB medium BR (6.7 to 8.7) and very large for RB and SB hight BR.

Rework spawns placements and terrain around spawn for protect players who just appear on the map.

Rework cover on map with hills (like Sinai sands or east european province)…

And large maps also more tactical move, specialy for lights vehicles than postal stamps maps…

But isn’t that an issue with design or gamemode?

Large maps are not bad because they’re large, but because Gaijin or whoever is designing them can’t make them good.

The same problem exists with short maps, and a good map is rare exception to this, not a rule.

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Think of it like this:

I want maps to be like x
You want maps to be like y
Bob wants maps to be like z

…Keep going until you have covered every player and had to invent a lot of new characters in the alphabet to keep up with my method of labeling preferences. And don’t forget this might vary upon nation and BR too.

We all seem to approach this game/mode in completely different ways with different goals and standards. So what is the right way?

So, is what we have just the culmination of all these “opinions” pressed together and the silent majority (say in terms of map bans/dislikes) have settled for what we have now? Because when I step into a map on the whole I feel the majority are happy to ignore the map and just play yolo-headbang regardless (though I doubt this shows up on the information the devs garner from in game data).

Until people realise that their way is not the only way then “sorting maps” is never going to work, or happen. If Gaijin magically produced a perfect rotation of maps for YOU then suddenly half the player base will be wondering why now all the maps are terrible for THEM. This happens in many other sections of the game when something is “sorted” or altered, the unforeseen consequences.

The mode stopped being as tactical when they altered all the SP costs years ago and hasn’t been the same since. It is more a rush to get to the next match and the next stage up the imaginary ladder of BRs. I admit the maps are questionable (majority of new ones added over last few years) but I bet not many of the players annoyed by maps could actually produce a map (in simplest terms) that others would all get behind as a what is needed in WT; already one person saying they prefer small maps, another large maps!