Do you like the M60?

What is your opinion on the American M60? (Just the regular variant)

Solid tank if you’re good with HEATFS. Adequate with APDS.
I like its hull stability as it makes the lack of stabilizer more of a non-issue.

They have good protection especially the RISE and TTS, even Object 279 has to aim for the weakspot which is the turret ring, anywhere else will often non-penning.

I like the M60, but don’t think you’re going to get into a slugging match with other MBTs and come out on top as the armor is just too weak for that. Utilize the terrain and take advantage of the long range engagements as much as you can. When you’re in a CQB map, stay close to your teammates. There’s safety in numbers and it gives the enemy team something else to shoot at that might not be you.